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Epilepsy Bracelet

I want to have an emergency bracelet made but not the ones I see on the internet.  I found a place in the mall that engraves bracelets and necklaces.  What should I have printed on it?  I don't want to have my medication put on it because they are changed so often and I can't afford to shell out the money after every docor's visit just for safety.  Anyone have any advice?  Here is an example:  Epilepsy (on front)  Emergency contact name and phone # on back    Do I need any other information?  I don't want to leave anything out.  No answer is silly.  It all helps.


Re: Epilepsy Bracelet

I think that is a great idea. I wonder what kind of bracelet it is, or how much room it has, but maybe on the back it can have 'see wallet for medication' and in your wallet in a credit card holder (draw attention using red crosses) write down your medication and dosage. that way, if anything horrible happens, they will at least know where to look for your meds. Let us know what you end of doing. I need a new bracelet, I'm so sick of mine, I never wear it


All the best, Christine

Re: Epilepsy Bracelet

It is so funny that you should mention a bracelet. I was just thinking about getting one for myself. It is a good idea with epilepsy and emergency contact. I think the paper in the wallet is also a good idea--it should also have your doctor's name and phone number too:)

Re: Epilepsy Bracelet

As for information that should be engraved:


For one it is always a good Idea to speak to your doctor. They will know what is the most important. (after all they will be reading it)


But there is always helpful tips for what to engrave for any medical ID bracelet

Here is a page with some help,

Scroll down to #2 and you will find helpful tips for the enraving. The Engraving is the most important part of all medical ID bracelets.


Re: Epilepsy Bracelet

I have a few bracelets and I have that I am an epileptic, my name, a phone # where my parents or someone who can help u, and my address
I hope I helped u even a little bit
~ Chloerz12 :D

Re: Epilepsy Bracelet

What I've also seen are people who wear their med bracelet along with colored watch faces on their wrist. It draws the attention to the watch and doesn't make them as self-conscious about their med tags.

Re: Epilepsy Bracelet

Yeah, I'm wondering what to put on mine, too.

I'd like it to say something like, "If I fall on the floor and start shaking, don't freak out, I'm just having a seizure. Don't let me smack my head on anything hard or sharp. Unless I do bang my head, don't call the ambulance. I'll wake up in a little while"

That would be a really big bracelet, though : )

Re: Epilepsy Bracelet

Haha, when we were making my boyfriend's bracelet, we were joking about what to write about not putting anything in his mouth, we came up with a number of funny lines.

"Caution: Biter"
"If you stick anything in my mouth, chances are you're going to lose it."
"Do you value your fingers? If so, don't stick them in my mouth!"
There were a few more, but they escape me right now.

We ended up going with "No in mouth" because the necklace would only let us use so many characters.

I think it's important to stress that nothing should be put in the mouth, many people believe that you should because they think that they could swallow their tongue, which isn't possible.

Re: Epilepsy Bracelet

I would suggest becoming a member of an organization like Medic Alert You can give them all your current medical information (doctors, meds, emergency contact info, etc).  The nice thing about this program is that you can contact them anytime and update your medical history, including medications. All you have to have imprinted on the bracelet is contact information.  If you go to their website, you'll be able to find out what's printed on their bracelet and have that imprinted on the one you want.

It's a yearly membership renewable every year.


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