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Cost of Carbatrol

Hey all...I lost my job (and thus my insurance as I couldn't afford COBRA), so I am on a "discount service" health plan. I've since become employed but my employer is a small start-up and doesn't have a health plan. No major insurer will cover me because I have had a seizure in the last 6 years (about 5 years ago was my last one - a grand mal). Anyway, think of my discount plan as basically only being good for catastrophic care services. It doesn't even provide a discount for my carbatrol 200mg (1200mg daily).Therefore, carbatrol on average costs me $140 out of pocket a month. I've looked at the Canadian sites and can't find it offered anywhere. Has anyone else found a way to pick up Carbatrol at a decent price? I've also heard that the reason why Carbatrol is so high is because Shire (the Rx manufacturer) has a patent on it, but per my local pharmacy, they believe it will expire in the next year at which point a generic will become available. Anyone else heard that?Many thanks -KevinMcKinney, TX


RE: Cost of Carbatrol

Hi Steve,You may find this helpful find out if you qualify, it will depend on income. Carbatrol Assistance Program. I am very low income, but they send it to me free of charge, I have to fill paperwork out every three months to stay up to date. 908-203-0657 They will ask you some questions, then if you do indeed qualify they will have to fax some paperwork to your doctor or nuero. Then the same have to snail mail the forms in. It was a couple of weeks turn around once the doctor did their thing. Good Luck to you! --Mersix;-)

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