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sounds trigger seizures?

I havent been diagnosed with epilepsy or with having siezures, even though I have been having what I call siezures for the last 6 years. I am going for an MRI next month, for the first time. I have had an eeg done 2 years ago and it came back normal. My question is...Can a sound or maybe even a certain song trigger on a siezure? I ask this because it seems like a sound or even the sound of a word makes me feel like I am going to have a siezure. I feel like a anxiety feeling inside me happens before I accually go into the siezure, when the siezure happens I am awake but unaware of what is going on around me, everything freezes and sounds become muffled and I cant understand what I hear. Another thing my husband has told me is when I feel like I am going to have the siezure and I try to warn him, I dont make any sence in what I am saying and sometimes it somes out like I am shouting. I dont know that I am not making any sence or even that I am shouting it, to me I have said " Im having a siezure" clearly. He also said my eyes get huge and my pupils dialate, also I turn white as a ghost. I think my siezures last for a few seconds, but he has timed them and sometimes they last as long as 5 minutes. After the siezure I dont remember anything prior to the siezure or anything during the siezure, all I know is that I had one. I also feel sick to my stomach and sometimes throw up afterwards, I get a extreme hot flash sometimes, but mostly I am worn out and extremely tired for about and hour or two after the siezure. A co-worker said that her brother has twilight siezures and what I described sounds identical to his siezures, he also said a certain song has brought on his siezure, which is what I have experienced twice now. I dont remember the song or even the words to the song, by the time I come out of the siezure the song has long been over. I have a siezure about 2-3 times a month. Does anyone have any simular triggers as I do? Does it sound like what I have is accually a siezure? Or am I just going crazy? I have been told maybe it is a panic attack, but I dont know why I would be having those because I am a laid back person with no or very little stress in my life. I have also awaken to a siezure, I dont think a panic attack happens in your sleep. Thanks for any input.


RE: sounds trigger seizures?

Sounds or even particular kinds of music certainly can trigger seizures in some people. It's not a very common thing, but far from unknown. (See for more on this topic.) Feelings of nausea and being tired afterwards are also pretty common signs of seizures, so it's good that you are working with a doctor to find out more about what's happening to you. Many people with epilepsy have normal EEGs if the test is not performed around the time of a seizure. You can read more about EEGs, MRIs, and other tests in the "Diagnosis" section of If the doctor agrees that you're having seizures, you may be able to control them with medication. Until then, take good care of yourself!

Sound seizure

I have been having the same seizures for the last 5 years. I'm on 3 meds just to keep them under control. Still some days ,certain sounds which are the E sound. If its in more than three words in a road I stayed to feel the zoning out start to kick in which also last a min or so. My words doesn't make sense and I'm looking for into space.

RE: sounds trigger seizures?

Well I had all the test done and One thing they do is check on Sound. Light. even computers can make seizuers. For if it a old computer the hz of the monitor/video card frame per sec. Starts up a Seizuere.It really depends on the person.

RE: sounds trigger seizures?

Laurie,I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one, that has sounds as a trigger! I can't seem to remember the tonal quality of the sounds tho'. It pushes me straight into a seizure and it's terrifying. If only I knew the sound, I would try to avoid it, unfortunately, it is usually on the radio.. :-(Best of luck to you, and be safe...always.classy

RE: sounds trigger seizures?

Just about anything can trigger a seizure.You can even have a seizure without triggers.I do all the time.My worst triggers are heat&humidity andI also have photo sensitive seizures brought on by my tv and computer.crowds can doit to sleep deprivation.Or Ican just go into a seizure for no reasonat all. Belinda

RE: RE: sounds trigger seizures?

Geez Belinda, that is Just when I thought it was safe to rear my head!...*g* or should I say helmet? It is tough, but the tough get stronger...*s* But you are right. I typically have auras before hand, and even then I don't go into a full fledge seizure, however, lately I have noticed more and more I'm not having auras! I don't know if I like this or not! At least with the auras, I can somewhat prepare myself for the worst, and expect the best!Keep safe...alwaysclassy

RE: RE: RE: sounds trigger seizures?

Classy,your lucky you have auras because I don't except every blue moon.crowds can definitely bring on my seizures and heat&humidity.I can't exactly stay inside all spring &summer.I have a life so if I have aseizure in a crowd that's sounds do it to me though.Belinda

RE: sounds trigger seizures?

We can have seizures from all kinds of strange things. Sounds, lights... There used to be a commercial, that I dont see anymore. I dont know if it was cold medicine or something like that. The girl would bend her head over to the side a cartoon. And it made me feel like my seizures. ANd the music bothered me. I used to tell my husband that is how I felt when I have seizures. It was weird.

RE: RE: sounds trigger seizures?

If my husband ( who is hard of hearing ) has the television turned up too loud, it makes me feel " seizurish" . I remember a few years back there was something on the news about someone who had sz's everytime they heard Deborah Norvilles voice ( I think thats her name, one of those entertainment news hosts with big blonde hair lol) . Oh, whoever said that about the old CRT monitors on comps, thats very true, I got an LCD monitor and feel a lot less seizurish. p.s. I know seizurish isn't really a word but its not an aura and its not a sz , so thats as close as I can get to describing the feeling. I'm sure y'all all get it .

RE: RE: RE: sounds trigger seizures?

hehe jinx...yea seizurish does explain 20hours out of my day! Now to relay that to my new neuros on Friday!Lights really seem to affect me lately, like looking at the way the sun rests on the leaves? It's painful...and puts my head in a bad place, I can't describe it, but I have to look away and quickly.But I can relate to the commercials on TV. There are a couple, that make me jump, they are alarming, and I literally cover my eyes and ears! EVen to hear them, puts me in the seizurish mode.Keep safe...classy

RE: sounds trigger seizures?

My daughter has similar episodes. She begins to call out MAMA , her eyes get real big, her facial expression is strange, then falls to the floor with her hands over her head and is in a fetal position. She then gets up and is very very pale. She then starts mumbling and says she needs to go take a nap becasue she is tired. Sometimes when i ask her what happened, she states something about noise. She is only eight. She has them at school and home. She sometimes will have bruises or scratches from when she falls and the next day she will ask me what happened to her. She has had two EEG'S and an MRI. Everything came back normal. She also has sleep terrors.

RE: sounds trigger seizures?

I think my son with MAE had one when I was using loud hair clippers--they vibrate and he was watching and had a atonic.  I posted the sound question on in the epilepsy room and a surprising number of people had it to music, both techno and other music (one to the "thong song", which I imagine is quite embarassing).

RE: sounds trigger seizures?

My cps always happen in the morning during or after my shower and almost always when the NPR Morning Edition music is going.  So I'm not sure which of these things is the trigger, but I do now associate the seizures with that music! Paige

RE: sounds trigger seizures?

Hi y'all. I find that when I go into the aura phase of seizure that I am partiuarly sensitive to sounds.Strange. Some times during seizure sounds become magnified and at other times I can hear but then everything becomes muffled. I find that if I remove myself to someplace quiet away from sound, music, clutter of people, etc., then I have an easier time wth the seizure. I may decide to burn up some time researching "triggers" for seizure, outside of those I already know. I am aware of certain triggers, stimulants found in foods, sleep deprivation, lack of sodium, blarring and sudden noises, too much excitment, too much "B' vitamins, and so on. I will have to keep my ears open as to what sounds really seem to set off seizure in me. I have never paided much attention to that aspect of E before. I have examined just about all the other aspects of what causes and what eliminates seizure. Odd. people don't have a clue as to what we with E go through on a daily basis? LOL. I say that those of us with E have a special insight to life that others will never known. Interesting to read what everyone has written here in regards to sound and seizure. Blessings. Linda.

RE: sounds trigger seizures?

Sounds can definately cause seizures.  My daughter can hear a loud noise like a car horn or some body just calling her too loud and down she goes.  We were at lowes one night and one of the guys dropped something and down she went.  My husband yelled at the guy and i felt sorry for him cause he didnt mean to do anything wrong lol.  Most people just dont understand it and i never would have either if it had never happened to us.  We try to keep her out of the front yard in case somebody rides by and beeps at her...the things we take for granted huh?

RE: sounds trigger seizures?

Hi,  everyone and thanks lIbrought her out of itaurie for posting this thread! I am Melissa a.k.a. Melkcar, I'm 18 years old and my mom is online with me as she often is - cause some graphics (animated) and other things put me into absence szrs. and I tend to "swallow my tongue" during some szrs.My problems began just one year ago-Saturday was my anniversary-lol- 'cause if you don't, we'll cry That's my mom talking!  The first two doctors in two ERs spent hours talking about recreational drugs, until my mom said"Why don't you run a tox screen so you can stop asking if I'm sure she isn't on something/ And then maybe we can move on and actually DO something about this?" To compress several months into a paragraph we went to Sick Kids, where the neuro resident and his supervising doctor thought she has Tourette's Syndrome- probably because Melissa has a lot of vocalization (tics). Anyway, this neuro assured us that what we now know as absence szrs and atonic szrs were definitely common in TS. Well, he referred her to the TS Clinic at Toronto Western. After three weekly one hour appointments, they declared she does NOT have TS. We went to a neuro in a nearby town several times-he's pretty cool since we started speaking frankly to him-he makes referrals and orders tests AND he actually returns phone calls. He's the "co-ordinating" doctor -Melissa and I felt like every doctor was just passing us off to the next one- kind of like ping-pong balls- so this neuro said he would act as a primary doctor and co-ordinate things. Anyway, after Melissa had an atonic szr while walking from the waiting room into his office right by his side, he stood with his mouth dropped and the two receptionists came running in. I brought her out of it and the neuro said "What was that?" We said "This is what we've been telling you about-she can be walking, talking, doing anything - and then she just drops to the ground - no warning - just smack to the ground or floor. We've been telling you this for months. That's why she has been in a wheelchair at school. What did you think we were talking about?" (Sorry to you guys, i must sound like i'm ranting and raving - but you know how it is! you are probably the only people who know how it is!) And it is good that Dr.M. witnessed that episode - that's probably half of why he treats Melissa so attentively. But still it was Melissa who went on the internet, typed in types of seizures and found By the way, i noticed the Editor of the site answered Laurie's initial inquiry, if you are reading this - thanks for your website, we've learned a lot here, and this chat room/message board idea is amazing!!! Anyway, through the Types of seizures section, Melissa found the names for what happens to her - she has absence szrs, atonics, simple partials, complex partials, clonics, tonic-clonics and clonic-tonic-clonic szrs. Just two days ago, we discovered Reflex Epilepsy (I'm embarrassed to admit we didn't read the entire website sooner)  We are wondering if reflex epilepsy could explain why she has vocalizations? Loud noises - such as trucks passing/near us when we're in the car make her squawk or shriek, any unexpected noises, like a baby crying or just making loud vocalizations in a store or restaurant-make Melissa repeat the sound. Both the sirens and the flashing lights on Emergency vehicles make Melissa vocalize loudly. I should mention that Melissa has had a headache since May 28 last year when this whole thing started with what she thought was an ear infection - because at first it was just pain in her ear and a headache. During last summer, with the heat and humidity, she would be lying on the kitchen floor (the coolest place-and kind of the hangout room at our house) anyway, Melissa would be lying on the floor with pillows under her head, her arms and her feet crying for literally hours and shreiking at the top of her lungs when somebody turned on  their lawnmowers-because both heat and certain noise triggers make her headache escalate to what she says is like a knife going through her head again and again. This also happens when somone clicks quickly through tv channels with the remote. She always vocalizes or shrieks - and sometimes will go out. Absence/atonic szrs happen mostly when there is a light factor-either the tv or flashing lights on ambulances, etc. From reading, we know other people have szrs from light triggers but do any of you have the vocalization thing? I'm afraid to jinx it, but it sounds like Laurie and some others are having T-C szrs from lights - so far Melissa doesn't, just absences and atonics from strobe-like effects. She feels that heat may be a trigger for many of her T-Cs. When she first started AEDs she had zero T-Cs for about six weeks, then when the weather warmed up to the 70 degrees F and warmer, she is having muktiple T-Cs for several days at a time. What do you guys think?Finding the Reflex Epilepsy information was also fabulous for us because so far we have no knowledge of any family history of Epilepsy, but on the reflex E info sheet it relates Reflex E to children with a parent who is also sensitive to flashing lights. That is a link for Melissa - I have suffered migraines for over twenty years and strobe-like light effects are probably my worst trigger. Also flickering lights, like an almost burnt-out flourescent, the cop cars, ambulances and tow truck lights, the sun flickering through trees, .... and Melissa also is affected by most, if not all of these. Melissa's older sister also has had migraines since she was 17 or so. Melissa's twin does not, neither do either of her brothers. Sorry to have gone on so long, I apologize for ruining your eyes for the next hour or so (which happens to Melissa-espescially with textbooks or poorly photocopied handouts)Melissa also has her own language, and after some szrs she finds she cannot talk at all, also sometimes she cannot move the left side of her body - but we'll have to get to those things another time. (people cringe).Thanks for listening! and looking forward to some replies,Melissa and her mom.   

Re: RE: sounds or startles trigger seizures?

Check into Hyperekplexia and Klonopin. Also for people with seizures from sounds check into Hyperacusis Association as well as Tullio and Minor's syndrome.

For our daughter, a flexion and extension cervical MRI showed problems that may be contributing.
Don't rest till you find the answers! Hope this helps!

These seizures that you are

These seizures that you are describing sound exactly like my abscense seizures. I've had them my whole life and remember a certain song always use to trigger them off when I was younger. I use to describe them to my mum as my hearing was going in a rythm and it was almost like I was in a dream. My mum would also say that while I was having these, what I would call my 'funny moments', that I wouldn't make any sense and that my words would be jumbled and in the wrong order and I would usually panic. Doctors never knew what these funny moments were even though I had had them for most of my childhood and it started to increase as I hit puberty. It was only then that I started to have a lot of time off school, sleeping a lot and always waking up tired and having a lot of migraines. I was even biting my tongue a lot in my sleep and also wetting myself. These funny moments were also effecting my time at school, as teachers would tell me off for not paying attention in class. It wasn't until I was on holiday in a caravan when I was about 13/14 that my parents realised I was also having nocturnal seizures because the caravan started to shake. After having an MRI and ECG scan, we finally found out that I had mild epilepsy and was having seizures in my sleep and the funny moments that I was describing were actually petit mal seizures. I've never actually met anyone who has had the same kind of seizures as me so you're post has been interesting to read and it's amazing how close your description is to my seizures x

My seizures went away for 9

My seizures went away for 9 years,but now I started having them again.It seems like a sound or when a train passes it triggers the seizures.Before I had use too space out. But I also have a new position at work which is very stressful and lack of sleep.

I just read what you wrote,

I just read what you wrote, and I could have written it myself! It is identical to my experience. What is even more uncanny is your description of warning your husband that you are undergoing this experience matches mine perfectly. I've learned over the years that this repeatng-song-lyric is a warning, and I never ignore it; I immediately take one dialatin and avoid the grand mal seizure. I've reported it to doctors, and they don't seem to give it any consideration. I wish neurologists would listen more to their patients, maybe they could develop cures, rather than drug treatments, for their patients. 

I have almost the same issue

I have almost the same issue & i found out the Frequency of the sound triggers the seizure then the migraine headache, All new devices smart phones, direct tv boxes blueray players hi-def tv, computers made after 2001 put out digital sound from 96k to 192k triggers what it feels like live electric wire touch my left side of the brain the longer i hear that frequency sound the stronger seizure & migraine gets.No medication work with my epilepsy so i had a section of the left side of brain removed. to stop the seizures. & months later after the surgery I went to 30 minute seizure from a head injury on the same side they did the surgery. That cause brain damage I can only listen to analog sound 48k = old radios, vcrs, crt tvsets computers with a sound card 16bit 48k this will not trigger my seizure, as soon i hear smart phones digital radio in cars, cable boxes, firestick, roko boxes etc any device that puts hi frequency 96k to 192k i start going to seizure, since they removed the left side i am aware my going around me & can still talk the seizure only effect my face, eyes - my eyes will contract & stay closed the nerves in face feel like electricity going through my face my lips will move up  & feel like very week i can pass out anytime. The longer I hear the stronger it gets - as soon the sound stops I will have seizure & migraine for hours until it subside in a quiet inviroment - i can't goto parties, bars, restuarants including dentist, epilepsy doctors etc including handicap buses to take me to work do you believe this they will not turn off there tv sets or car radios for me I keep telling them in 1 - 2 minutes i will have a seizure.  All my family relatives don't want no of me there devices are more important then life - while i am in there car they will play the radio & put me into seizures while they take me to the doctor. All relatives uncles, cousins, aunts, brothers, sisters, etc don't won't no part of me. I have nobody to help etc except my neighbor who will take me to the stores etc..

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