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Sister stops taking medication

My 23 year old sister was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 8 years old. It is controlled by medication. For some reason, on occasion she will stop taking her meds and then within a week she has a seizure. I want to be able to help her, but I don't know what to say. I have suggested that she try an epilepsy support group but she has not gone. I just want her to talk to someone else who has gone through the same things that she has. Any ideas on how to talk to her?


RE: Sister stops taking medication

Hi.I'm sorry to hear that your sister feels the need to do as she does sounds as if you are really supportive of her,and she might feel guilty about that and want to have control herself and not be reliant on meds or anything even though she has to be.Is it her way of feeling in control with her life, that her having epilepsy from that age do you think she feels has robbed her of her life and it's her way of showing she's in control of things.Maybe that's why she won't go to a group.What meds does she take,and have you tried posting here as well?

RE: Sister stops taking medication

She takes Depacote. I hadn't tried the other website, but I will.

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