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she wont speak?

hey. I know absolutly nothing abbout epilepsy, but i have a girlfriend who had quite a bad seizure today. Now she won't/can't (?) talk. I was just wondering if this was a recognised thing...couldn't seem to find any info on it though. Just wondering if anyone else had been through a similar thing? and how you dealt with it? any replies would be lovly. thanks. ROb x


RE: she wont speak?

It's probably what they call "post-ictal". People have different symptoms after a seizure, the most common is feeling extremely tired and having to sleep. Some people go through a rage. It all depends what part of the brain is effected. Some recover quickly, others it could take hours and some need a couple days to get back to themselves. It also depends on what type of seizure it is too. I do think it's wonderful that you care enough to come here and try to get more information and if you have any other questions, feel free to post.

RE: she wont speak?

Hi RobMy boyfriend is 31 and I have been with him for a year. He has grand mal seizures, luckily none since Dec 2002. I worry about how I am going to cope as to be truthful it scares me a little. People on this site have been wonderful trying to help me understand epilepsy. You obviously care a great deal about your girlfriend as I do about Paul. I dont know how I am going to handle his first seizure, but I love him enough to be there for him. Good luck to you both. Amanda x

RE: she wont speak?

Hi Rob,I'm the same way. I have complex partial seizures and sometime I blackout and wake up in bed. When I don't wake up in bed and I manage to still be standing I'm "out of sorts" meaning my brain is foggy, my mouth, jaw and tounge just don't want to move, my limbs are numb and I'm very, very tired. Don't worry about your girlfriend, just give her the space to relax, rest and regain her regular state. My boyfriend is wonderful with it, he let's me know t's o.k. not to be "doing" anything and just "be". He encourages be to rest, will drive me home if we're out, will rub me while I'm comming out of it. Just let her know she's normal, loved and encourage her to relax and that it's important to you too.Good Luck, Karen.

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