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pre-teen mood swings

my daughter mandi has frequent intreverted times and it is making me nervous. she is on topamax and adderall xr and she has not had a grand mal since april. she however has been told that we will not outgrow this, but all along had been told since she was 4 that we would outgrow by puberty. i want her to be angry and vent but not be angry with god. she has been blessed with very controlled seizures, has only been on 2 different meds and is a competition cheerleader and national dance champion at the age of 12. we have had many hurdles and have overcame alot and i am sure this too will pass, but i am no expert and do not want to alienate her more.i am hoping she still may have a chance to outgrow but im concerened that her normal happy behavior is suffering. she passes all classes except math and is having difficulties asking for help. rather not do the work than draw attention to her problems...any advice from anyone is greatly appreciated.


RE: pre-teen mood swings

I dont think it is just pre teen mood swings. I am 28 and on Topamax, and I have the mood swings as well. It is A WONDERFUL medication, but, the mood swings are there. I am only on Topamax and I have been on it for 31/2 years and only 2 break through seizures, and I have Grandmal, or tonic-clonic seizures. Good luck.

RE: pre-teen mood swings

I hope you will look on the bright side and be happy about all of your daughter's achievements. True, Topamax does cause mood disturbances in some people, but it is by no means a sure thing. I also wonder about the effects of the Adderall (or the condition that caused it to be prescribed). I recommend that you type "school" into the Search box on the homepage and read some of the excellent pages on helping children succeed with epilepsy.

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