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New Hope

Well I have finally started seeing a new Neurologyst, and have new hope. I was very surprissed at the questions he asked and the history he wanted from me as none of the others seemed to be as interested in my history as he is. I have seen 3 other Neurologyst and none of them asked about my birth, nor did they ask about my pregnancys, or anything like that they didn't ask questions that brought me to tears and made me realize that things I had been hiding from my family all these years could have saved me alot of greif. THe reason I am writing this today Is to say thank you to those of you who have read my posts before and responded back with either information that might have been helpfull of with words of encouragment or even with just a few words of wisdom and a smile. I feel like I have made some new frineds here at and hope that some of my input has been helpfull to others also. although i have just started to see this new Doctor I don't want to get to excited, but I think that he might actually be the right one, and as i go along in my treatment I hope that I will learn more about my condition and will feel more at ease to continue to give input and help others who might not have the answers or give a few words of encouragement to those who are feeling down and out as i sometimes do.God Bless.Also please feel free to email me if you would like to talk.Smile and keep your head


RE: New Hope

Hi pieces,I'm so glad to hear that you finally have some hope! Good for you!! I hope that this neurologist continues to show thoughtfulness and respect throughout your makes a tremendous difference. I've got my fingers crossed for you! Take care :-)Feel free to e-mail me sometime, if you'd like to talk: heathertink@yahoo.comHeather

RE: New Hope

I could use some new hope. If I am on the wrong site - please advise. At wits end. My son (age 23) has epilepsy. He has "blank stare seizures" 90% of the time. I am so tired of trying to believe he will get better and treat other people better...He takes tegretol...and he has a stubborn streak. In order to get him to take his meds I cannot absiolutely cannot ask him if he has taken them. He is an angry person and at the same time acts like an adolescent of 10-14. Help.SOS.

RE: New Hope

I also have complex partial seizures (blank stare). I saw a neurologist in the very begining of all this (after brain surgery) and he said that some of his patients look at these like "spiritual experiences". At first I was very angry with him, but as time goes on my thinking is there may be some truth to that insight. The past few months I've been mediating and journaling my progress. This is new hope for me. Especially because most people with this condition get some kind of aura before they start, ie., smells, phyisical and/or emotional sensations... When they start coming on I quickly do meditation breathing and I've actually stopped them from happening. I've heard this from others and read about it also. With practice I hope to eliminate them all together. The brain is like a muscle, we must exercise it, it does learn. Good Luck.

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