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One of my best friends is an Epileptic. He got his first diagnosis about 5 years ago and has had issues on and off ever since. His life is a real struggle and lately he has been getting increasingly despondent and frustrated. He is 30 years old, and maintains a realatively active lifestyle when he can. However, the frequency of his seizures has been increasing to the point where he cant really leave his house that often. I'm very worried about him and his mental well being at this point. The biggest frustration to him has been the fact that he can't relate to anyone about his issues. His own family, his friends, even strangers are quick to offer tidbits of advice about his condition but no one seems to understand all the deep seeded fears, frustrations and pains of living with Epilepsy. I am trying to get him involved with communities like this online or in-person group meetings where he can maybe talk with people who understand him better. Does anyone have advice for this or have encountered something similar? I really appreciate any feedback, assistance, thoughts. Thank you very much.

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