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Both my children have epilepsy

Wondering if there are any other parents or epileptics that have experience with sibling epilepsy? Both my kids started seizuring at 18 months old and both have intractable epilepsy. Any support or ideas on how to cope with this would be appreciated. They are now 7 1/2 and 5. My daughter has always had a hard time with her seizures, but my son until May had very few. In May he had a status seizure and has been seizuring every day since. (My daughter is the older of the two)ThanksCorrine


RE: Both my children have epilepsy

hi, nobody has replied to this post so i would like to point you in a direction where you can talk to many other parents of kids with epilepsy. there is a very lively child neurology forum at massachusetts general hopsital... and someone just began posting who has twins who both have epilepy.... but there are many other people who have 2 or 3 children with E....this is the epilepsy thread here is the child neurology (CN2) thread... people double post on MGH as well as maintain a presence on a smaller board such as this one.... sometimes you can feel a bit lost on some of the bigger boards - so a small board, such as this, as your "home" board is a nice thing to have.

I have two children who have

I have two children who have dealt with epilepsy, but in my case one was a transient problem. My son has refractory partial epilepsy, his sister had generalized seizure disorder wiht mostly myoclonics that seems to have resolved.

braintalk is a great forum as is Ecommunities at There are a few families there who have more than one child with epilepsy. It is supposed to be fairly rare, hitting only 1-5% OF those with epilepsy.

Hang in there! G

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