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Favourite books

Which books does everyone never tire of reading time and time again, always finding something new every time, just that feeling of satisfaction when a book really speaks to you or is something you can relate to or simply just makes you laugh out loud. Mine are:- Therapy - David Lodge Mission - Patrick Tilley Cider with Roadies - Stuart Maconie The war diaries of Spike Milligan How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the world - Francis Wheen I always have one or all of these books on the go at one time or another


Re: Favourite books

Hi Andy,

I'm not a big reader and often think I should be!

I did enjoy Life of Pi - Yann Martel.

Peace, Love, Mung Beans

Re: Favourite books

Hello...I missed you :(
Guilty pleasure #1...I LOVED The DaVinci Code.
#2...I have a morbid mind, and a strong stomach, so I love anything involving forensic science which usually goes hand in hand with gorey material.
I do like Stephen King, but his books ALWAYS give me nightmares while I'm reading them.
Last favorite would be my astronomy books, and Stephen Hawking. If I end up understanding even a fraction of what he does, I will have learned a great deal from him.
Talk to you later,

Re: Re: Favourite books

I should send you some of my boyfriend's stuff. He's a writer by hobby right now but interviews all kinds of authors it sounds like you would like for the thrill & nightmare factor.
My boyfriend is into dark culture & horror stuff.
Most of the time I end up reading a lot of books by people he interviews, just to understand what he's up to.
Think my favorite to date (And FYI: This gives people an interesting perspective on life and seizures versus other things out there)...
A book called Terminal by Brian Keene
From my boyfriend's collection I also like James Newman, Jack Ketchum, and Greg Lamberson
From my collection I like James Patterson, John Grisham & Steve Martini.
We definately have a lot of books at home.
~ Erin

Re: Favourite books

andy, I used to be a voracious reader. But now with a 2 year old, the only books I am reading these days are: Harold and the Purple Crayon, Where the Wild THings Are, The Cat in the Hat, Curious George...well you get the idea. But the last book I read
(pre-motherhood) was "Anyone You Want Me to Be" by by John Douglas and Stephen Singular. It's the story of a Serial Killer who preyed on women via the Internet. I highly recommend it to anyone with a morbid curiousity or anyone who likes abnormal Psychology.

Re: Re: Favourite books

I enjoy reading Think Big by Ben Carson, M.D. He is a well known neurosurgeon, surgeries on/with the brain...separating twins, removing half of brain, etc.

Re: Re: Re: Favourite books

Here's another couple that have gone into my favourites
'Hell bent for leather-confessions of a heavy metal addict'-Seb Hunter
'How to lose friends and alienate people' - Toby Young
Still making up my mind about 'All families are psychotic'????

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