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do you need to scream?

what do you do when you need to scream and there is no where to go?


Hey I know where your'e

Hey I know where your'e coming from..had that feeling enough times! too often go for stuffing chocolate & drinking too much wine (bad move!) but a few days ago when i really wanted to scream (had a bad seizure at the wkend, after a really long spell without one!).. i came on here & had a real good chat to someone, who cheered me up no end. so if your'e reading this Andy, thanks mate! :-)
how come you need to scream? don't worry if you don't wanna say, but it might help to have a good rant!

Re: Hey I know where your'e

Just because the day has been stupid and I feel agitated and depressed.

I seem to be the source of all the problems around me and I keep finding myself thinking about how much better it would be if the source of the problems (ie me) were removed.

But that's not really me thinking and I know the difference.

But I kept having this urge to hide under my desk at work and cry and punch the floor and scream. Of course I couldn't, so the scream stayed bottled up inside...

Re: Re: Hey I know where your'e

Do you know how many times I have days like that at work.. but mostly cos my job drives me up the wall & I want to get out! then you start thinking about lots of other things which make you even more depressed.. & it all just escalates, & as you say you just wanna SCREAM! Best thing is to let it all out, have a good rant & moan to really helps! & don't think that it'd be better if that 'source' (ie you) yr talking about were removed. thats not true & you know it.
sorry your'e having such a bad time.. I do hope you have a better day tomorrow. Here's a big hug
Ruth x

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Thank you

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Thank you ! I feel better! Oh what do I do when I feel like screaming? I just do it... OK maybe it is just me. Maybe my neighbors are like on edge and need prozac...but I feel better when I scream. Honestly A pillow works really well for screaming into, they work well for punching too...just be careful its not one of those feather ones..kinda messy...and don't breathe in and suffocate yourself.

I am sorry you were having a rough time at work and seizing. The world would not be better off without you. We are all here for you. Come on in and chat with us any time and rant away, we all do at one time or another. Great stress relievers, ranting in chat with your friends... and bubble baths with a glass of wine...alcohol free of course.

Re: do you need to scream?

I'm a drummer and when I get frustrated (and don't have a migraine) it's fun to beat the skins for a while.

Re: do you need to scream?

ive found that these blogs are a good release (i just started but oh just u wait they are going to get better. i have so much to get off my chest)... or i play fight club on my xbox and scream at my tv for a while. or i do what any adult does... i bottle it up. then when i time is right i explode on the world. little pieces of jacky everywhere... hey look its jacky's pancreas on the sidewalk....

when life gives you lemons... smell an orange

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