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Worrying about my boyfriend who just had his first seizure


My boyfriend just had a seizure for the first time early monday morning. He is 23 and had some issues when he was a baby but since then nothing. When the doctors checked out his brain they discovered he has enlarged gray matter on the right side and lower than average brain waves on the right side. There were no tumors or spikes in the scans. He's taking 500mgs of keppar twice a day just to be on the safe side. No doctor ever used the term "epilepsy" but does having a seizure make you epileptic? The doctors said there was nothing showing that he would for sure have a seizure again, but also nothing showing that he wouldn't. I'm a little extra worried about things because I am leaving to study abroad at the end of March for 5 months. Is there any advice or suggestions you can give me about leaving? When I am gone he will be living alone. Also just any daily life tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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