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heavy metal chelation

Wed, 08/31/2016 - 10:20
Hello First time posting,I have a 4 year old boy that started having SZ. 3 years ago. He has been drug resistance ,so far we have tried over 10 meds. he is on lamictal 100mg morning 125mg night , Tileptal 3mL. morning and evening We have just added Trileptal ,he has been on Trileptal for 2 weeks today and has been SZ. free 10 out of 14 nights ,wich for us is the most control we have ever had with any med. His Neuro. is recommending the New VNS . He has a normal MRI ,he is not a candidate for surgery at the moment. Genentic Testing is normal . His SZ. are during sleep ,nap, or on awaking . We have tried Keto diet ,gluten free ect. We recently started seeing a holistic doctor ,he had a sample of his hair sent too a lab for heavy metal testing ,and my sons test came back with really high levels of ,Mercury ,Arsenic,Cadmium,Aluminum,and a few others . I did not trust the results so I had testing done ,from another Lab and same results came back high metals again so I believe the results. I have shared the results with his Neuro. at Childrens Hospital ,and she has been very dismissive saying she doesn't know much about heavy metal toxicity. The holistic Dr. is recommending ,a natural slow chelating agent, Modified Citrus Pectin, and few minerals ,he says this is the safest way for a young boy with refractory epilepsy to chelate . Does anyone have any thoughts on this ? It seems mainstream medicine does not pay much attention too Heavy Metals causing SZ. ,are we too ignore the results . Any thoughts ? Warm Regards Sandy


a question to ask is will the

Submitted by just_joe on Wed, 2016-08-31 - 11:42
a question to ask is will the chelation affect the medications your son is on? Without knowing all the chemicals in the medication it might affect the medication that is starting to control his seizures. Understand that all medications have chemicals in them and you do not know what those chemicals are. As for the VNS yes you can talk about it and discuss it but before deciding you might want to find out how this medication works. An adjustment in the dosage can be made which might work to control his seizures better. Without knowing the type of seizures he has or is having it is hard to tell what the vns will do and what the patient will need to do in order for it to stop the seizures.

Hello and thanks for the

Submitted by sandy flores m on Wed, 2016-08-31 - 14:48
Hello and thanks for the replies ,The concerns you all have stated are the exact same reasons we are so confused, and have held off on the holistic Dr.advise .My son has idiopathic focal epilepsy,he has been having SZ everytime he naps ,or at night in his sleep,this has been happening every single day for 3 years . He has an aura ,1 min.  tonic clonic 1 min.   myoclonic jerks 1min. in that order always .The Trileptal we just started has been the only AED that has helped ,and is helping as we are still adjusting and so on.Still since his epilepsy is idiopathic  even if we get control with Trileptal ,we feel it that and VNS is just putting a bandaid on an underlying condition that could be the toxic metals in his body ,that's were we are so frustrated and confused .Don't get me wrong we are super exited that something seems too be working .I don't think we are the only ones that have this specific case ,hopefully someone that has dealt with heavy metals and epilepsy will come along and share their experience .Maybe the metals are causing these seizures .Warm Regards Sandy

It makes perfect sense to me

Submitted by Jadeite on Tue, 2018-04-17 - 21:15
It makes perfect sense to me  so the brain fires neurosynapses and aluminum and some other heavy metals listed in your description of hair sample. This is cause for epilepsy itself. Getting rid of heavy metal blocking neurosynapses will heal the broken programming and dog will be able to go back to normal. This is the simple version of what's going on. Boron and iodine supplement is good for heavy metal detox. The heavy metals come out in the urine. Also check ph levels of your boy and make sure his body is within 5.2 -6.8 at least. Acidic body is cause for slow neural connections through out the body.  Electricity travels through an electrolytic enviroment better then a neutral enviroment. This is why higher ph is better to use. All the bodies immune system is communicate through neural pathways. When In acidic enviroment white blood cells associated with immune system move sluggish and when the alkalinity is changed to a higher ph the white blood cells move faster and are alert. The vaccinations have to stop in our world. It's hurting the innocent..mercury is also in vaccines and Mercury is linked to autism and major neural netway blockages. On top of all this diet is everything. Ketone is not bad to keep up with. Most foods today are gmo, glycophosphate saturated poison. Organic and verify through research that organic is in fact just that. The gov has made it legal for labels to be falsified into making people believe things that are not are organic. Sorry thays a tongue twister lol. Hope all this helps. 

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