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Topic: Living With Epilepsy - Adults

A place to share questions, concerns, and challenges that adults with epilepsy may face in understanding, managing and living with seizures.

nocturnal seizures

03/2004 | 3 Comments

22yr old female student- For about 4 years my symptoms havn't changed: average 3 times per week/ almost all nocturnal seizures. Is anyone else feel...

03/2004 | 5 Comments

Can anyone help??? Does anyone know a highly recommended neurologist? I am trying to find one, maybe in New York City, or wherever as long as he/she...

03/2004 | 7 Comments

Hello there everyone, first post.I have been searching the Internet, and elsewhere, and I've heard anecdotal tales but no one has given me any solid...
pin pointed

03/2004 | 4 Comments

I have noticed that my seizure's usally acure any where from the time i awake in the morning up to at least 1 to 4 hours there a reason...

02/2004 | 7 Comments

Hello, My friends call me blue :) I am epileptic. I started having seizures as a baby and stopped having them at 14....until the day at work when I...
don't know what to do anymore,,,

02/2004 | 2 Comments

First of all,,,You are NOT alone,,I know exactly what you're going through,,(& sometime's it STILL bother's me). Forgive me if this is a-bit of a mess...
sounds trigger seizures?

02/2004 | 21 Comments

I havent been diagnosed with epilepsy or with having siezures, even though I have been having what I call siezures for the last 6 years. I am going...
Headaches, Epilepsy & Car Travel

02/2004 | 15 Comments

For a year now I have been getting bad headaches whenever I drive or travel in a car. OTC pain relievers don't work on these and neither did any of...
Epilepsy after a Accident.

01/2004 | 0 Comments

Ok I have two doctors saying the epilepsy I have was due to child hood birth. I was 2 mybe 3 month early. Born.Now I would agree with the doctors. But...
Why have my seizures gotten worse?

01/2004 | 17 Comments

I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was almost 5 years old, in other words, early 1988. My epilepsy was kept under control for so many years. My...

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