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Jerking Movements after having Convulsion

Sat, 12/18/2004 - 23:05
Dear All,I have just joined this group to get some help or advice on my daughter's present condition.I am 24 yrs old and I live here in Djibouti. Last week, my 6 month-old daughter was having diarrhea and fever for 3 days. Due to the high cost of living here and monetary problems, we had to give her local medicines acquired from the pharmacy for her sickness. We did not bring her for check-up because we assumed it was only diarrhea due to her teeth. We just gave her medicines for fever and water solutions for diarrhea.On the 3rd day, she already displayed seizure-like motions on her face and arms so we decided to rush her to the hospital. Upon arrival in the hospital, the attending physician gave her oxygen because she was literally not breathing ang very weak at that time due to her diarrhea. He then gave her a shot of valium thru her rectum because her fever was high, he told me.Anyway, when we arrived at the hospital, her condition was already worse because she was already non-responsive and her eyes were constantly open and not moving. Later on, we knew she was in coma, as per the people looking after her, for almost 36 hrs. Only after 36 hrs my daughter responded to medicine and began to sleep. At first, her body was very weak and her fists were clenched all the time.For 8 days in the hospital, the attending doctor dignosed her to have a high-fever due to malaria. They also checked if she had meningitis, but told us none. Before we took her home, we already noticed some changes in her. She coudn't recognize everybody including me and my husband and she is having this jerking movements on her neck, arms and limbs.The doctor informed us that this was due to the shock she suffered during coma and this will eventually subside after a month or 2. My proble now is we don't have the money to sustain her therapy for this sickness and we need any unsolicited advice on whoever knows the condition of my daughter. We want to know what really happened to her and how to help her sickness. She is now having trouble sleeping due to this jerking movements of her arms and limbs.Kindly advice what to be done and what medicines should she take because here in djibouti, we don't know anyone who knows how to cure this kind of sickness. We were not even informed of the real status of our daughter before she was released in the hospital.I know deep inside there's something wrong with her. Pls advice the soonest because I myself had suffered a shock during these times. I was not able to see my daughter during her stay in the hospital due to this.We need help very badly.

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