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For decades, the Epilepsy Foundation has invested more than $68M to finance several therapeutics and medical devices and accelerate bringing these products to market faster. Through the Epilepsy Ventures Fund, the Foundation will continue to invest in promising innovations and work together with a breadth of partners to scale impact for people living with the epilepsies.

Recent investments that now directly support those living with epilepsy include:

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Seizure Forecasting

The Epilepsy Foundation’s support of the My Seizure Gauge project may lead to development of algorithms for seizure forecasting. This seizure predictability might even lead some individuals to stop daily medication, self-administering treatments only during times of susceptibility.

Rescue Therapies

Patients with seizures that cannot be controlled can still be substantially helped by treating seizure clusters and other emergencies at home, prevent injuries, emergency room visits and hospital admissions. Rescue therapies are given as intermittent treatment to quickly reduce seizure susceptibility.

Seizure Prevention in Children

Several recent studies have suggested that if appropriate intervention is applied prior to the first seizure in generic diseases such as Tuberous Sclerosis, epilepsy and developmental delay can be prevented. This would be a novel indication in epilepsy.

Treatment of Severe Orphan Epilepsies

Recently there has been renewed interest in targeting orphan epilepsies, where seizure pathophysiology and etiology might be more homogeneous than in focal epilepsy. Several small companies are developing targeted therapies in the field, and some have been very successful, such as anti-seizure medications for Dravet Syndrome.

Wearables and Devices

Wearable technologies have promising applications in epilepsy treatment. Neuromodulation therapies/devices, wearable detection/alert devices, and wearable electroencephalograms (EEG) for diagnostic and treatment use – all hold great promise for reducing the harmful ramifications of living with epilepsy. Developing algorithms and employing AI to maximize the value of data gleaned from these devices, adds another layer of potential benefit for people living with epilepsy.

Brain Implants

Transformative leaps in technology for recording and stimulation of the human brain, such as artificial intelligence (AI), has incredible potential for epilepsy therapies.


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