Epilepsy Foundation Advocacy Priorities

We are working to secure more funding for a cure, support community-based programs for people living with epilepsy, eradicate stigma and discrimination, and protect patient access to medications and treatment. To learn more about our policy priorities, visit advocacy.epilepsy.com/policy-priorities

You can make a difference by sharing your personal story! We're building a national movement of people affected by epilepsy and those that care for them. By taking action today, you can help us build a better tomorrow. Sign up today and take action!

Funding for Epilepsy Programs, Research, & a Cure

The Epilepsy Foundation supports funding increases for epilepsy research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH); epilepsy programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) focused on building safer communities for people living with epilepsy; and  promoting safety, efficacy and research at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Learn more about federal funding for epilepsy research and programs >>

Access to Care

Timely access to appropriate care and effective coverage for epilepsy medications is a critical concern for people living with epilepsy, because epilepsy medications are the most common and most cost effective treatment for controlling and/or reducing seizures. Individuals living with epilepsy who experience a delay in accessing their medication due to prior authorization and step therapy requirements, high cost-sharing, medication substitutions without physician and patient consent, and onerous drug monitoring requirements, are at a high risk for developing breakthrough seizures and related complications, including Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). Learn more about our advocacy on access to care issues, including:

Research & Innovation

Innovation is of particular importance to the nearly one million people living with epilepsy who don’t have their seizures under control and are seeking new treatments and a cure, as well as many Americans living with complex chronic and rare conditions that are not appropriately managed with current treatment options. Learn more about our advocacy on research and innovation issues, including:

Disability & Discrimination

Stigma surrounding epilepsy continues to fuel discrimination and isolates people with epilepsy from the mainstream of life. Despite great progress in recent years, epilepsy remains a formidable barrier to educational opportunities, employment, and personal fulfillment among older children and adults. Learn more about the Epilepsy Foundation's disability and discrimination advocacy >>

Further Reading on Epilepsy Foundation Advocacy

The Epilepsy Foundation will remain fluid and responsive to legislation and regulatory proposals brought forward by Congress and the Administration.

The Epilepsy Foundation is leading a national campaign to address the problems faced by people with epilepsy. Learn more about our message and help us bring their message to legislators back home in your area!

2018 Capitol Hill Message

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016