Updated: 12/19/2023

Device Description

Epipal is a phone and watch app that groups someone living with epilepsy with their family and close caregivers so they can manage epilepsy as a team and stay safe through seizure detection. You can think of Epipal as life360 for the epilepsy community, with the most comprehensive seizure safety features.

Company or Institution


Team Description

Our team has been committed to serving the epilepsy community for over 6 years. We have won the epilepsy foundation shark tank competition for our mobile health epilepsy solutions. After years of using our computer science expertise to develop for the epilepsy community we have realized that in many cases epilepsy safety and management is fundamentally a family effort. We are now working on our family-centric platform Epipal, for seizure safety and collaborative family management.

Monitoring Categories

Location (GPS)
Sleep Quality

How is the device worn?

External Wearable

Device Worn description


Body Placement

Our seizure detection works on existing smart watches (Apple watch, Samsung, WearOS) and on the phone as well (in pocket, in hand, etc)

How is data transmitted?

Bluetooth connection between Apple Watch and iPhone and to our backend. All data transfer is secure.

How is data stored?

How is data from the device stored (e.g., cloud storage)?

HIPAA compliant secure cloud storage

Device Action

Alert System for Caregiver
Alert System for Person Wearing the Device

Development Stage

HIPAA Compliant
On Market



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List of Publications

IEEE Globecom
ACM Hotmobile

Is the device inter operable with other devices?


Does the device have a time stamping component?


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