Updated: 12/19/2023

Device Description

We provide an advanced, lifetime solution for epilepsy management through our novel cortical measurement implant. This device facilitates real-time, continuous access to actionable brain excitability data by recording at the single-neuron level, enabling precision neurostimulation, and empowering clinicians to tailor drug therapies quickly and more effectively thereby improving treatment outcomes and patient quality of life. It also removes the reliance on seizure counts from EEG data or unreliable personal seizure logs, offering more comprehensive and accurate insights into the patient’s condition.

Company or Institution

Carbon Cybernetics

Team Description

Carbon Cybernetics is dedicated to transforming the lives of epilepsy patients that are not responding to drug therapies. Our neural implant provides high-fidelity life-long measurement of cortical activity, enabling precision neurostimulation that targets episodes of high seizure risk, and provides rapid feedback to clinicians searching for an effective drug therapy. Through a relatively simple implant procedure, the device enables transformative advances in clinical treatment that can significantly improve the lives of patients with epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

Monitoring Categories


Monitoring Categories Description

brain excitability, brain criticality and state of current seizure risk

How is the device worn?

Implanted Device

Device Worn description

fully implanted, non-visible and wireless

Body Placement

implanted in surface of coretex with behind the ear hub

How is data transmitted?


How is data stored?

How is data from the device stored (e.g., cloud storage)?

cloud and local

Device Action

Responsive Stimulation (closed loop)

Device Action Description

precision neurostimulation based on continuous seizure risk indication

Development Stage

Preclinical Testing



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List of Publications

refer web site

Is the device inter operable with other devices?


Does the device have a time stamping component?


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