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The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is: to lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

Your donation ensures we continue to provide help and hope to the 3.4 million people living with epilepsy in the U.S. – and their families.

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Why should I donate?

Your donation matters because …

Your gift will support nationwide programs that help improve epilepsy care, connect people affected by epilepsy to information and to each other, increase awareness about epilepsy and seizures, advocate for rights, prevent epilepsy and early death, educate about seizure first aid, and support research.

Epilepsy and seizures affect you or someone you love or someone you know. Epilepsy affects men and women of all ages and all races and ethnic groups. It is far more common than most people realize.

Epilepsy affects the entire family and can change lives, impede development, affect learning, cause accidents, impact livelihoods, cause injury, and even result in early death.

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Ben S.
Ben S

There are thousands of reasons to consider making a generous gift to the Epilepsy Foundation. My son, Ben, is one of them. He was born perfect in every way. I had no idea that by Ben’s first birthday, my perfect baby would be having seizures every six seconds. We finally got a diagnosis: infantile spasms, a catastrophic form of epilepsy. Our race against time began. And so did our understanding of just how important the Epilepsy Foundation is to families like ours who are desperately trying to help our loved ones with epilepsy. – Lisa S., Ben’s Mom

What does my donation support?

Research and New Therapies

The Epilepsy Foundation is dedicated to supporting research and new therapies. Your donation supports investment in innovation, next generation scientists, and stronger engagement with stakeholders. With your generous help, we push for new ideas for epilepsy care and cures.

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We need to find a cure, and I hope you will help. - Lisa S.

Education and Programs for Individuals and Families

The Epilepsy Foundation provides a wide range of educational opportunities, programs, and services for people living with epilepsy, families, and friends. Your donation helps us develop many programs and services tailored to local communities around the country. Programs include nationwide seizure training for school nurses and other personnel, child care personnel, first responders, care coordinators, medical interpreters, and epilepsy researchers. Your generosity also helps us maintain the world’s most visited and comprehensive website for people living with epilepsy. Donate Now

Public Awareness

The Epilepsy Foundation works to help everyone understand what a seizure looks like and what to do if they see someone having a seizure. Your donation helps us ensure more and more people talk about epilepsy. Your generous gift allows us to make epilepsy more and more relevant to everyone. The more epilepsy becomes relevant to everyone, the less people living with the condition fear discrimination, worry about receiving improper first aid, or keep their epilepsy hidden in the shadows. Donate Now

Emma F.
Emma F

In many ways, my eight-year-old daughter Emma is a typical preteen girl. She loves animals, cheerleading, and country music. Yet we live on the edge of what each day might bring because there is one huge difference between my daughter and most other 8-year-old girls. Emma has epilepsy - a diagnosis that hit us without warning like a tornado. Without the help of the Epilepsy Foundation, I do not know where I would be in my search for hope and where Emma would be in her journey for help. – Meghan F., Emma’s Mom


The Epilepsy Foundation is committed to people with epilepsy, their family members, and caregivers. Your donation helps us advocate for funding for epilepsy programs, research, and a cure; to policies that promote research and innovation; to improving access to and coverage of quality care and essential services; and to the protection of the rights of individuals with disabilities. Your generous gift allows us to engage federal and state governments to make a difference for people living with epilepsy and their families.

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Charity Navigator has awarded the Epilepsy Foundation four out of four stars. This top rating indicates the Epilepsy Foundation adheres to good governance and other best practices that minimize the chance of unethical activities and consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way.

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