Donate Gently Used Items

Why You Should Donate

Who benefits from my donation?

100% of the proceeds from your donation fund programs offered by the Epilepsy Foundation. 

What does the Epilepsy Foundation do with my donation?

When you give clothing and household goods, Savers pays the Epilepsy Foundation for every donated item, whether it makes it to the sales floor or not. The more our community donates and shops at their stores, the greater the good we can accomplish together. Those goods are then sold in Savers Thrift Stores or responsibly recycled, helping to keep millions of pounds out of landfills. It’s a cycle of good deeds that benefits the community and the people we serve in many ways, and provides a critical base of financial stability for the vital programs and human services offered by the Epilepsy Foundation.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax-deductible. Once your donation is dropped off or picked up you will be provided a receipt. If you do not receive a receipt you can download a receipt below. 

Are my donations at a Savers store or at a bin tax-deductible?

Yes, donations dropped off at a Savers store or a green Epilepsy Foundation bin all benefit the Epilepsy Foundation. If you donated at a drop off location, you can download a receipt.

I've heard that donations get shipped to third world countries.  Is that true?

Only donations that cannot be sold in local thrift stores and still have a reusable life are sent overseas. Sending unsold items overseas prevents these items from going into local landfills and provides clothing for people in need around the world.

How should I prepare my donations for a home pickup?

Please place your donations curbside by 7:00 AM and mark them with a sheet of paper labeled "EF."  Please package donations in plastic garbage bags and tie them at the top in case of bad weather. If you place items in boxes, please be wary of rain or snow, and consider using plastic to protect the boxes. Drivers cannot collect items that are wet.

What if it is raining or snowing on my pickup day?

Drivers collect rain, snow, or shine. Please package your donations appropriately for rain or snow because drivers cannot accept wet items. The only time a driver might not collect is in severe or extreme weather conditions. If routes are canceled, please call or check the website for reschedule dates.

Why must donations be curbside?

Donations should be placed curbside to avoid potential liability insurance issues.

Can you tell me what time the driver will pick up at my address?

We cannot offer specific times for donation collections. Drivers begin collecting donations at 7:00 AM and work until their routes are finished, generally around dusk.

Do I need to be home for the pickup?

No. As long as your items are curbside by 7:00 AM and labeled "EF," drivers will collect your donation sometime during the day.