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Watch a special epilepsy awareness message from J.J. Abrams, an advocate for epilepsy awareness and best friend of founder Greg Grunberg. Abrams is the director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Trek (2009). He also produced the TV series ALIAS, Lost, Felicity, Person of Interest, and Westworld.

About was created by actor Greg Grunberg in collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation. On the site, celebrities of television, film, and music come together with top epilepsy and seizure experts to help end misperceptions and misunderstandings about epilepsy.

The site has three key goals:

  1. Help people with epilepsy (and their caregivers) better understand their condition and learn how to talk about it with their family, friends, and health care team.
  2. Raise overall awareness about epilepsy and seizures. Help eliminate public misunderstanding around epilepsy that has caused misunderstanding, has created fear, and has diverted attention and funds away from finding new therapies and cures.
  3. Help unify the epilepsy community, including people with epilepsy, caregivers, and the public, private and government sectors to drive increased attention to epilepsy and to enhance services and support for people who live with seizures.

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About Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg, whose oldest son lives with epilepsy, is a vigorous advocate for awareness on the national stage and in the Los Angeles area. Grunberg serves as a key spokesperson for the Epilepsy Foundation. He created, has been chair of the National Walk for Epilepsy in Washington, D.C., and is co-host of the Epilepsy Foundation's "Talk About Epilepsy Netathon Presented by Sunovion" in Los Angeles. Grunberg is best known for starring roles on the television series FELICITY, ALIAS, and HEROES. He most recently appeared in HEROES REBORN and STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.

Watch Full-length Expert Interviews


Orrin Devinsky MD talks about SUDEP.


Sandy Finucane talks about employment.

New Epilepsy Therapies

Jacqueline French MD talks about new therapies research, funding, and clinical trials.

Evolution of the Treatment of Epilepsy

Barry Gidal PharmD talks about the evolution of the treatment of epilepsy.


Wendy Miller PhD, RN, talks about parenting while living with epilepsy.


Michael Privitera MD talks about triggers of seizures.

The Importance of Epilepsy Research

Steve Schachter MD talks about epilepsy research.


Patty Shafer RN, MN, talks about wellness and managing your epilepsy.

What Epilepsy Is and More

Joe Sirven MD talks about what epilepsy is, the biggest myths surrounding it, who gets epilepsy, and what are the different seizure types.

Facebook Live Series

Tune into our Facebook Live series where we talk to experts and people with epilepsy about topics you're interested in! Check back here to stay updated on future Facebook Live events and to access previous recordings.

Previous Events

Seizure Dogs: Everything you need to know

Patty Shafer RN, MN, talks about seizure dogs with two experts.

Getting Involved, Making a Difference

Patty Shafer RN, MN, speaks with Jon Scheinman about how to get involved with the Epilepsy Foundation.

Wellness and Emotional Health

Patty Shafer RN, MN, interviews Cate Brocker MSN, APRN, FNP-C about wellness and epilepsy.

A Mind Unraveled with Kurt Eichenwald

Patty Shafer RN, MN interviews Kurt Eichenwald about his memoir.

Managing Your Epilepsy During the Holidays

Patty Shafer RN, MN discusses with Epilepsy Foundation's Manager of Communications about how to cope with holiday stress. 

Infantile Spasms and Access to Care

Dr. Elaine Wirrell discusses infantile spasms and access to care issues for Infantile Spasms Awareness Week. 

Epilepsy: A Family's Journey

Patty Osborne Shafer talks with Epilepsy Foundation President & CEO Phil Gattone about his family's epilepsy journey.

#Empowered to Talk About SUDEP

SUDEP Institute Director Sally Schaeffer talks with Gardiner Lapham RN, MPH, about sudden unexpected death in epilepsy.

Cannabis and Epilepsy

Dr. Anup Patel answers frequently asked questions about cannabis and epilepsy.

Personal Insights: The Epilepsy Journey

Mike McKenna LMSW talks about his journey as a person living with epilepsy.

Understanding Epilepsy and Mood Changes

Andy M. Kanner MD discusses mood changes as they relate to epilepsy.

Talk About Seizures Medicines, Generics, and More

Barry Gidal, PharmD, aa leading expert in seizure medications and new therapies for epilepsy, abswers your questions about seizure medications.

Healthy Living with Seizures

Wellness Institute Program Manager and person living with epilepsy Jenny LaBaw talks about healthy lifestyle choices

What's New in Epilepsy Research

Find out what's new and upcoming in the epilepsy therapy pipeline.

Finding Your Power in Relationships Regardless of Epilepsy

Listen to advice on how to navigate your life with epilepsy, especially when it comes to relationships

#LifeHacks for SUDEP and Seizures

Get tips for how to lessen your risk for seizures and sudden unexpected death in epilepsy

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Authored Date: 
Thursday, November 14, 2013