Artistic rendering of a brain with roads, rivers, and other details of a map drawn inside the brain.

In our 2017 community survey, many of you said that understanding the causes of epilepsy should be a top priority for researchers.

You spoke. We listened.

“My Brain Map”– Bringing a Systems Approach to Personalized Health

The Epilepsy Innovation Institute will be leading an effort to better define an individual’s brain network. We want to create a Google Map for your brain that highlights your unique brain traffic pattern. With this map, we can better identify the routes your seizure could take, where the potential traffic jams might be, and how activity can get re-routed in the brain during those situations. Our purpose is to better define an individual’s brain network to enhance diagnosis and care.

We want to better understand how a seizure begins and how it spreads throughout the brain network in particular moments in time.

We believe this will lay the groundwork to:

  • Identify key brain regions unique to the individual that could be critical for seizure control
  • Improve our abilities to pinpoint where a seizure originates, which may improve surgical options and outcomes
  • Optimize neurostimulation therapies to the individual
  • Better understand the biological profiles of epilepsy syndromes, which in turn could improve diagnosis and address why seizures occur

"My Brain Map" Innovation Workshop

The Epilepsy Innovation Institute will be hosting a workshop to assess the state of the science on individual brain network mapping. More details to follow.

Interested in supporting the initiative?

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