An Update on SmartWatch: An Innovative Monitoring, Detection, and Reporting Solution for Seizures


The Epilepsy Foundation has provided funding for more than 60 of the 120 products currently in the epilepsy pipeline. This is an update on a project we have helped fund that is now available for people living with epilepsy.

On Christmas Day a few years ago, a single mother reached out to Smart Monitor founder Anoo Nathan to share a frustrating story. Her teenage son suffered from epilepsy, and she desperately sought a way to monitor him while he slept and while she worked. Until then, she had set an alarm to go off hourly – day and night – to check on him.

Ms. Nathan heard from several more parents and family members who were in need of an automated solution for detecting unusual movements from various conditions. She launched Smart Monitor with the mission to develop an easy-to-use monitoring device that would immediately notify a family member when the user needed help.


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