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Epilepsy Foundation of Nebraska is proud to announce that Todd Murphy, President and CEO of Universal Information Services, has accepted the position of Chair of the Nebraska Advisory Board.   Todd and his family quickly became deeply entrenched in the programs and services of the Foundation.  His son, Teddy, is leading a team of volunteers at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln to manage the 2019 Walk to End Epilepsy, and his wife, Stephanie, is leading a team that will host a large fundraising gala next June.   With volunteers like the Murphys, the Epilepsy Foundation of Nebraska is headed toward great success in impacting the lives of people in Nebraska living with the challenges of seizures.




We were recently connected to Allison Hurt, a mom grieving the loss of her 12-year-old daughter Erin, who passed away after a #seizure in April. Erin is also survived by her twin sister, Haley. Their hearts are broken, however, they are dedicated to helping others in Erin’s home state of Nebraska. The Haley family will fund an Empatica Embrace 2, a wrist-worn seizure monitor, for Nebraska families who are eligible. To see if you, or your loved one with epilepsy qualify for this gift, please send an email to Mduffy@dannydid.org.

#DannyDid is proud to be a part of this beautiful and powerful gesture which will keep Erin’s gentle spirit alive.

Please keep the Hurt family in your thoughts and prayers, they need our support as they navigate this unbearable loss of a child. To read more about Erin, please visit: https://www.dannydid.org/…/1/6/ErinHurt.2019NLStoryFINAL.pdf


UPCOMING events:

  • UNL Walk to End Epilepsy - October 13, 2019 on the UNL Campus - Lincoln, NE
  • Lincoln Walk to End Epilepsy - April 2020 - Lincoln, NE
  • Blackstone Stroll - June 2020 - Blackstone District - Omaha, NE
  • Sioux Falls Walk to End Epilepsy - June 2020 - Sioux Falls, SD

If interested in learning more about the Epilepsy Foundation of Nebraska, please contact Rose Opbroek at 402-660-6193 or email at ropbroek@efa.org.