Facebook Live Events 

Upcoming Date(s): TBD

We are happy to share the new roll-out of our Facebook Live Events Program. We will be hosting more frequent Facebook Live Events with periodic guest speakers, covering a wide range of topics within epilepsy. These events are virtual events, going live on our Facebook Page at the time of each scheduled event. We now have a Facebook Live Events Playlist listed on our "videos" tab on our Facebook Page, where recordings and a brief description of each event are housed for you to view any time you'd like!

Previous topics we have covered: 

-Managing your Life When Living with Epilepsy 

-SUDEP: Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy 

-Specialized Care for Epilepsy Treatment 

-Legal Issues and Epilepsy 

-How Epilepsy Impacts Minority Communities 

-Epilepsy and Education 

-Resources for People with Epilepsy and their Caregivers 

-Legislative Advocacy within Epilepsy 

-Women's Issues in Epilepsy 

-Resources Available Through Epilepsy Foundation Indiana for Epilepsy and Seizures 

-Epilepsy 101: The Basics 

-Anti-Epileptic Medications 

-Emotional/Mental Health: Dealing with Epilepsy 

-Self Care and Wellness with Epilepsy 

-Ask and Expert: Epilepsy Foundation 

-Epilepsy Foundation Indiana Programs and Services 

-IEP's and 504's: Educational Plans for Children living with Epilepsy, presented by INSOURCE 

-FAQ's from the Epilepsy Community 

*Sponsorship: If you are interested in sponsoring a Facebook Live Event, please reach out to Ryan Keys, Executive Director, at rkeys@efa.org. 

*If you have interest in being a guest speaker of one of our events, have topic suggestions or other questions, please reach out to Alyssa Edwards, Program Coordinator, at aedwards@efa.org. 

Outreach and Education 

The Epilepsy Foundation is happy to provide FREE educational trainings to the public, covering many different topics within epilepsy. Listed below are our trainings that are available and how to request/access each individual training: 

Seizure Recognition & First Aid Certification: Our newest training program focuses on educating the general public by teaching how to recognize signs of a seizure, how to respond with proper seizure first aid and when to call for help. This training program certifies participants with successful completion for 2 years. This training is available via live webinars and also can be offered to groups from our local chapter if needed. Link to learn more/register for upcoming trainings here. 

School Trainings - School Nurse and School Personnel: We have two trainings available for school staff - School Nurse Training and School Personnel Training. Our School Personnel and School Nurse Trainings are avaible via scheduled live webinars and also on-demand to view at any time online. These trainings cover basic information on epilepsy and seizures, as well as first aid, how seizures affect students at school, anti-bullying, and more. School Nurse training is for school nurses only and delves more into the medical side of epilepsy and seizures.  

-Scheduled Live-Trainings, if any have been set, can be viewed here. 

-On-Demand Trainings can be taken at any time from our online portal here. 

-Trainings to be scheduled Live at specific dates/times currently via webinar can be requested by contacting Alyssa Edwards at aedwards@efa.org or 317-308-4823. 

Student Trainings - Take Charge K - 12 Classroom Education: We currently offer trainings for students from grades K -12. These trainings are focused on teaching students what epilepsy and seizures are and how a fellow class mate that has epilepsy is no different than their peers. We find that when training students on what epilepsy is, once they understand it can create a better environment and reduce instances of bullying and targeting a student with epilepsy/seizures. 

-These trainings can be requested by contacting Alyssa Edwards at aedwards@efa.org or 317-308-4823. 

Other Trainings Epilepsy Foundation Offers: 

Seizure First Aid Training

Law Enforcement Training

First Responders Training

Seizure Training for Childcare Personnel

Seniors & Seizure