Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

About the Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana

The Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana was created in 2006 to offer education, advocacy and support for all Hoosiers affected by epilepsy. Programs include FREE Seizure Recognition & First Aid trainings, youth & family programs, support groups, a family weekend camp at Center for Courageous Kids, and an anual Indiana Epilepsy Expo. In addition, the Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana has several Community Action Network groups across Indiana - engaging and empowering volunteers to raise awareness and help move our mission forward.  Our fundraising events are also designed to raise awareness and educate the public about epilepsy. Annual events include a Gala and the Indiana Epilepsy Walk.


Check out these NEW events & programs at the Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana!


  • Kids Crew Kick-Off at Sky Zone on March 10
    Join us for our first Kids Crew event where Kids Crew members can jump for an hour free and also compete in an Awareness Building T-Shirt contest.  Kids can decorate a t-shirt to raise awareness for Epilepsy to win prizes!  In order to grab one of the 50 seats available, please be sure you are a registered Kids Crew member. Become a Kids Crew Member here:   https://www.epilepsy.com/make-difference/get-involved/kids-crew



  • A Front Row Seat to an End to Epilepsy:  Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana Gala -  May 4, 2018  
    This year's Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana Gala will be at the Willows on Westwood. Mark your calendars for the fundraising event that will be full of fun and great auction items that will help EF IN provide free programs for people in Indiana impacted by epilepsy! Tickets and more info:  https://www.wedoauctions.net/2018efigala


  • Indiana Epilepsy Walk Update -  Big news!  As we look at our strategic goals we are moving the Walk to September to allow more families to attend and hopefully have better walking weather!   The committee is currently meeting to work on the upcoming walk including confirming the date.   If you have wanted to get involved in fighting epilepsy and supporting the individuals and families - email rkeys@efa.org.   


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