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Your Legal Rights

Are you wondering?

  • Do I have to disclose epilepsy during my job interview?
  • What is a reasonable accommodation?
  • What are my child’s legal rights in schools and child care?
  • What if I’m arrested for seizure-related behavior?

The Legal Defense Fund has prepared a series of fact sheets and advocacy materials to educate the public about the legal rights of people with epilepsy.

If you are facing discrimination because of epilepsy, or helping someone who is, use the fact sheet(s) as an advocacy tool. Share them with employers, employees, educators, healthcare professionals, or advocates – anyone who can help end discrimination for people with epilepsy.

ADA Amendments Act

Learn about ADA ammendments.


Learn about reasonable accommodations in the work place, the Family Medical Leave Act, and guidance for specific types of employment.

Safety-Sensitive Jobs

Specialized information regarding jobs where safety is a primary concern such as firefighter, police officer, and construction worker.


Learn about legal rights of children with epilepsy and rights of children with epilepsy in schools and daycare.

This manual provides detailed, practical guidance to help parents and non-attorney advocates understand the rights of children with epilepsy in schools and child care.

Criminal Justice

Learn what to do if seizure behaviors are mistaken for criminal behaviors and rights of inmates with epilepsy. pueblo-1680297_640.jpg

Family Law

Learn about the rights of parents with epilepsy.


Learn about federal housing laws and advocacy strategies.

Federal Benefits

Learn about federal benefits and programs.


Learn about basic health insurance concerns.

Health Insurance: Where to Find Health Insurance and How to Pay for It

Public Accommodations

Learn about your rights and access to places of public accommodations.

Government Programs

Learn protections against discriminations by government programs.

Air Travel

Learn about your rights related to air travel within the U.S. and internationally and find tips for traveling safely.


Authored By: 
Cherree Sanders MSW, LGSW
Authored Date: 
Reviewed By: 
Joseph I. Sirven MD / Patricia O. Shafer RN, MN
Wednesday, August 23, 2017