Care Coordination

According to numerous studies, health care coverage is one of the biggest concerns for many Americans. This is especially true for parents of children with epilepsy. Even if you have insurance, it may not cover certain procedures, visits to specialists or medication.

You need to understand your health plan's policies and know what to do if you are denied coverage of a medical service that you think you are entitled to. While reviewing health coverage options can be confusing, time-consuming and at times frustrating, it's going to help you get the best possible care for your child.

If you don't have health coverage and your family's income is under a certain level, your state may provide health insurance for your child. In most cases this will cover doctor visits, hospitalizations, medications and other needs.

Following are some links that can help you understand health coverage policies, get information about programs in your state and find other support. You can also contact your local Epilepsy Foundation for information.