The School Nurse: Key to a Safe School Environment

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Temi and Saran, Epilepsy Foundation program managers, answer the question, “Why is it important for school nurses and personnel to be trained for seizure recognition and first aid?”

Managing Students with Seizures

Our “Managing Students with Seizures: A Training for School Nurses” program is the best resource available to school nurses interested in expanding their knowledge of epilepsy and seizure first aid. Taking this training is the first step in ensuring every student with epilepsy is in a safe and supportive environment while at school. 

Preparation is Key

The new school year comes with some anxiety for everyone involved. Parents may experience additional anxiety as they worry about their child who has epilepsy. Questions include, “Will my child experience a seizure at school?” and “Will the staff and school nurse know how to care for my child?”

Some students will begin school already diagnosed with epilepsy while other students may experience their first seizure in the school setting. It is imperative school nurses take a proactive approach in educating themselves on the proper management of students with epilepsy. Waiting until a student has a seizure at school to then become properly trained can prove stressful for the school nurse, school personnel, parents, and the student. 

It Takes Teamwork

School Nurse

Parents, school nurses, and other school personnel should work together to understand

  • the type of seizure the student experiences, 
  • basic seizure first aid, 
  • the child’s daily prescribed medication, 
  • rescue therapies recommended by their doctor, and 
  • how epilepsy can affect the student in the classroom. 

Completing the school nurse training program and working with the family can address all of these critical areas.

About School Nurse Training

The “Managing Students with Seizures” training is free and accredited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nurses can earn 3.2 CNEs.

School nurses can take the training online or in-person by contacting their local Epilepsy Foundation.

Proper education and training of the school nurse and communicating with the family on a regular basis is the key to students experiencing a positive, safe, and nurturing school environment.

Best Wishes,

Saran Martin, MPH
Program Manager


Authored by: Saran Martin MPH | Program Manager on 8/2015

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