Hidden Truths 2014 Recap

Hidden Truths Art
Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tucked into one of most bohemian areas of Costa Mesa, California, sits the DAX Galley. A stunning, progressive gallery that was the host of this year’s Hidden Truths, The Mind Unraveled annual fundraiser. A collaboration between the Hidden Truths Project and the Epilepsy Foundation, this event showcases works of art of all kinds created by people with seizures. This program helps overcome the misunderstandings and misperceptions that are often associated with epilepsy, as well as being a therapeutic outlet for people who live with the condition.

With more than 100 artists submitting their work from all around the world, 85 submissions were selected from 83 artists, including artists from as far as Australia and Malaysia. When talking to Julie Thompson-Dobkin, who spearheads the project, she told me that she was very excited to have artists from around the world submit art.

One artist in particular stood out in the crowd, Janet Lee. Her mother told me Janet’s epilepsy keeps her from creating fine details in her paintings; nevertheless I was amazed at the beauty in her work. Her story is truly inspiring, as is her work.

At this year’s event, the Hidden Truths Project honored Dr. Christopher DeGiorgio, a UCLA neurologist and recipient of an Epilepsy Foundation New Therapy Grant award for his work on the Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation device, which is helping people living with difficult to control seizures.

The Hidden Truths Project has grown exponentially in the past three years, with invitations to hold events in other states and other countries. Julie Thompson-Dobkin hopes the Hidden Truths Project will be an international program by next year.

If you would like to know more about Hidden Truths, The Mind Unravelled or are interested in submitting your own work for next year’s gallery, like The Hidden Truths Project page on Facebook. If you are interested in seeing, or purchasing, the art from this year’s Hidden Truths, The Mind Unravelled show, visit the online gallery.

Authored by: Ryan Brown, Epilepsy Foundation Social Media Coordinator on 10/2014

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