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Epilepsy Foundation overnight camps are special places where kids with epilepsy can play, explore and learn together.

With trained counselors and medical professionals on staff, kids can swim, climb and do activities that might otherwise be dangerous. For many, what's even more important than the activities is the chance to make friends with others for whom seizures, medicine and frequent doctor visits are part of everyday life. Here is what one mother said about her daughter's camp experience in an EpilepsyUSA article:

"… she would never be able to go to a normal camp because no camp takes on that liability. Here they go on boats and swimming. It is all supervised to make it a safe environment. They climb a big wall; she would never have that experience. They have top doctors, top nurses, all who volunteer their time. It is an absolutely incredible situation."

A camp leader interviewed for the article said,

It is great to see the kids do everything that other kids would do at camp. They have so much fun, and they have a seizure and keep going on. It is a part of camp life.

How to Find a Camp Near You

Epilepsy Foundation camps are located throughout the country. Most programs are one week and offer scholarships based on financial need.

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Judy Gretsch
Monday, April 15, 2019