2021: It's a Wrap!

Epilepsy News From: Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Without the support of the community, the work of the Epilepsy Foundation would not be possible. Your priorities remain important to us as we continue to lead the fight against epilepsy and promote awareness and understanding, as well as life-saving information and tools.

In 2021, we provided more safety, support, and meaningful programs for the epilepsy community. Below are a few key 2021 program highlights and achievements, plus ways you can get involved this year.

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9,528 people were trained through our Seizure First Aid programs

Knowing how to help someone during a seizure can make a difference and save a life. Sign up for a Seizure First Aid training.

12,893 people received assistance via our 24/7 Helpline

Epilepsy Foundation’s Epilepsy & Seizures 24/7 Helpline, the nation’s leader in epilepsy and seizure information engagement, is among a select group of organizations to be accredited by the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS), in recognition of the quality of information and referral service it provides to the epilepsy community. In 2021, we were re-accredited for another five years! Contact the 24/7 Helpline at 1-800-332-1000. 

12 states have now passed Seizure Safe Schools legislation

Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, Oklahoma, Colorado, Alabama, Nebraska, and Minnesota have all passed Seizure Safe Schools legislation. Learn more about Seizure Safe Schools.

More than 18,000 people participated in our Walk to END EPILEPSY®

The fight to END EPILEPSY® starts with us. Walk in-person or at home this year.

240 Epilepsy Awareness Ambassadors joined the Epilepsy Foundation

Epilepsy Awareness Ambassadors are passionate and dedicated volunteers tasked with virtually growing epilepsy awareness across their community. Ambassadors engage in monthly activities that promote all areas of the Epilepsy Foundation’s mission to both people living with epilepsy and the general public. Learn how you can get involved in 2022.

More than 750 people participated in the Purple Pumpkin Project

Hundreds of people painted their pumpkins purple to increase awareness about epilepsy and raise funds for the Epilepsy Foundation. That is a 350% increase in participants from last year! Learn more about the Purple Pumpkin Project

More than 200+ people joined our charity stream

#StreamforEpilepsy is a program that invites you to join the community of streamers by leveraging your passion and livestream fundraising to achieve a world without epilepsy and seizures. Stream today.

30 virtual/in-person events were held by local teams

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has made it challenging to gather for large events, our local teams still hosted many incredible virtual and in-person events during the past year. It’s not too late to join us in 2022 for an epic experience at EpiCon.

$275,000 Awarded to Shark Tank Competitors 

  • $250,000 Investment Prize Winner - Tobias Loddenkemper, MD (Miku, LLC)
  • $25,000 Community Impact Award Winner - Angelina Kakooza-Mwesige, MD and Deborah Koltai, PhD

We can’t wait to see where the new year takes us, and with your support, it’s bound to be an exciting year of opportunity and growth for the Epilepsy Foundation. We hope you continue to be inspired to help make a difference for the 3.4 million people in the United States who are living with epilepsy.

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Tuesday, January 04, 2022

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