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Epilepsy Digital Experience Navigator (EDEN)


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Your Epilepsy Story Matters. Telling Your Story Helps Our Community.

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What Is EDEN?

The Epilepsy Digital Experience Navigator (EDEN) is a platform designed specifically to help people with epilepsy and their caregivers track, manage and share their data with the epilepsy community. In partnership with Embleema, the Epilepsy Foundation is bringing a solution for managing epilepsy in a user-friendly manner while sharing insights for research.

By sharing your data and experiences with us, you will help people living with epilepsy and their caregivers understand how epilepsy affects their lives.

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What Does EDEN Include?

As an EDEN user, you have the unique opportunity to manage your epilepsy in one secure location where you can:

  • Track your seizures when and how you want and receive reminders that you control.
  • Sync your electronic health records so you can see your recent procedures, medications, blood levels, etc. all within the Embleema app.
  • Connect your Fitbit to track sleep and daily activities.

Seizure Check

Get personalized texts and notifications to track seizures and missed medications.

EDEN seizure check example on cellphone
EDEN sync of medical record example on cellphone

Sync Your Medical Records

Sync with your electronic health record so you can see your recent procedures, medications, and blood levels within the Embleema app.

Connect Your Fitbit

Connect a Fitbit to track your sleep, activity, and heart rate.

EDEN Fitbit sync example on cellphone

How Can You Help Build EDEN?

You will join a community of enthusiastic individuals ready to test this Embleema app. As a beta tester and new user of EDEN, you will provide valuable feedback through surveys and focus groups before EDEN is launched to the public.

Below are a few ways you will be contacted and engaged throughout the full beta testing phase:

  • Feedback surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Virtual Meet and Greet with other beta testers
  • Video or written testimonials about EDEN

This Is What People Are Saying About EDEN

The text reminders to track my seizures has been a lifesaver! It takes less than 30 seconds and is so simple and easy. Being able to go back and see how often I have been tracking my seizures will be so helpful when talking to my doctor.

How To Sign-Up

  1. Use this sign-up link or scan the QR code to create an account with our technical partner, Embleema to get access to EDEN.
  2. Enter some basic information to create a login.
  3. Verify your account. A link will be sent to the email address provided. If you do not receive the link, please check your spam/junk folder.
  4. Once you have created an account, you can download the Embleema app or use your login info to access EDEN from your web browser.
EDEN signup QR Code

If you have questions about signing up for EDEN and need additional assistance, email eden@efa.org.

Join a community of empowered individuals ready to take control of their journey with epilepsy and help others living with epilepsy and their caregivers.

Join EDEN Now

EDEN is currently undergoing beta testing and will be available to the public in 2022. If you would like more information, be the first to join the EDEN Exchange mailing list to stay connected with latest updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access my data, and will it be visible to anyone?

Your name, email address or other personal details are removed before any of your data is shared for research purposes.

I created a login in Embleema to access EDEN and am not sure what I should do next?

You need to verify your email address by clicking on a link that was sent to the email address you provided while registering on Embleema. Make sure to check your spam/junk folder for an email from Embleema with Subject: Confirm your email address.

What if I have been seizure free for 3 months or more and do not want to track my seizures every day?

Tracking your seizures when you have them is great insight and information for you regardless of how often you have seizures. With EDEN, you will be able to select how often you would like to receive notifications to track your seizures. You can select to receive notifications: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly (every 3 months).


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