Seizures in Airplanes

If a person is having a major seizure is in a crowded plane miles above the earth, the rules for first aid are different.

What to Do

  • Clear space by folding up seat arms. Ask a flight attendant to find new seats for the other passengers in the row.
  • Lie the person down across the seats with the head and body turned on one side. Make sure that the airway is clear and breathing is not obstructed.
  • Arrange pillows or blankets to prevent the person's head from hitting unpadded areas.
  • When the seizure stops, help the person into a resting position in a single reclining seat.
  • If the seizure continues for more than about 5 minutes or is immediately followed by another one, tell the flight attendant that the person may be experiencing a medical emergency and may need emergency care.

Learn General Seizure First Aid


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Friday, January 03, 2020

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