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The Charlie Foundation Reminds You to Hydrate Well During These Summer Months

Epilepsy News From: Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Summer is finally here, and, as the temperature rises, you need to pay attention to how much water you drink! Your body needs more hydration now than during those cold weather months. Our bodies are 60% water by weight, and our brain is even higher at 73%. You lose fluid by sweating and by evaporation through skin which you can’t even see.

Many of us aren’t aware when we are a little dehydrated. But it can certainly affect us.
  • Some people may notice they have more seizures when they are dehydrated or overheated.
  • Mild dehydration can reduce attention span, affect short-term memory, and impair motor skills.
  • Water is very important for all body systems to run smoothly including regulating body temperature and blood pressure, lubricating joints, and moving waste out of the body.

How can I stay hydrated?

A good rule of thumb to know if you are dehydrated - look at the color of your urine in a white toilet. If the color is darker than lemonade, it’s concentrated, and you need to drink more water.
  • Most adults need at least 8 cups of water daily; children need between 6-8 cups.
  • The best drink is good old-fashioned water.
  • To flavor water, add a slice of lemon or lime, a few slices of cucumber, or a leaf of peppermint.
  • Teas, including herbal tea, are also refreshing when served over ice.
  • Diet sodas and commercially flavored waters have additives that you don’t need.
  • For more fiber in your diet, a teaspoon of chia seeds can be mixed into your drink.
  • Find a reusable bottle that is BPA-free. Wash it well with soapy water and let it air-dry at the end of each day.

So don’t forget to keep up a healthy diet and fluid intake in the hot weather and all year long!

Authored by

The Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies

Reviewed by

Joseph I. Sirven MD

Reviewed Date

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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