Epilepsy Therapy Project



Founded in 2002 by Warren Lammert and Orrin Devinsky MD, the Epilepsy Therapy Project merged with the Epilepsy Foundation in 2012. The vision is to foster innovation and support scientific advancements that could result in new treatments for people with epilepsy. Most importantly, we want to get new therapies to people with epilepsy faster – in a timeframe that matters!

The Epilepsy Therapy Project fulfills this by:

  • Promoting partnerships among industry, academia, investors, and physicians
  • Providing financial support to advance promising science that could lead to better therapies
  • Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship so novel epilepsy projects and companies can make it to people with epilepsy
  • Providing visibility to therapies and devices in the epilepsy pipeline and increase attention to the real needs of people with epilepsy and the need for more research efforts
"Since its founding, the Epilepsy Therapy Project has invested over $8 million in new therapy grants and supported over 80 projects related to new therapies."

New Therapy Commercialization Grants

We fund new, innovative research from leading scientists and startup companies. Focus is on accelerating the progress of breakthrough research and new therapies "from the bench to the bedside.” Grants are up to $200,000, over a two-year period, and are awarded twice a year.

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Shark Tank Competition 7th_annual_SharkTank_square.jpg

Every year we invite new and exciting ideas in epilepsy treatment and care to compete for awards of up to $200,000 in our annual Shark Tank competition. Scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and more pitch their epilepsy innovations at the Epilepsy Pipeline Conference or Antiepileptic Drug Trials conference in front of a full audience to a jury of “expert sharks.”

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Epilepsy Innovation Seal of Excellence Awardepilepsy foundation seal of execllence.png

We provide a seal of approval that certifies that a specific epilepsy-related company meets the Epilepsy Foundation’s standards of excellence. The program provides a competitive, in-depth review by the Scientific and Business Advisory Boards, a SEAL that may be used by the awardee to generate interest in the project. 

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New Therapies Pipeline

We proactively maintain and provide open access to a pipeline of epilepsy therapies in various stages of development that include:

  • Drugs
  • Enhanced drug delivery
  • Dietary supplements
  • Therapeutic devices
  • Seizure detection
  • Prevention, diagnosis, and safety devices

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Epilepsy Foundation Pipeline Conference icon-engage-research.jpg

The Epilepsy Foundation Pipeline Conference brings together companies, scientists, clinicians, and investors to discuss the current state of the epilepsy therapy pipeline and other relevant topics.

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Epilepsy Centers

Epilepsy centers provide you with a team of specialists to help you diagnose your epilepsy and explore treatment options.


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Epilepsy and Seizures 24/7 Helpline

Call our Epilepsy and Seizures 24/7 Helpline and talk with an epilepsy information specialist or submit a question online.


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