Sloka Iyengar bio pic

Basic Science Editor

While studying the physiology and pathology of the nervous system in graduate school, I was fascinated by epilepsy – the neurological disorder that was (and is still, to some extent) shrouded in mystery. To understand epilepsy further, I pursued my dissertation at the University of South Carolina by using electrophysiological tools to study epilepsy circuits. As a postdoctoral fellow in New York, I studied the role of postnatal neurogenesis (the birth of neurons in the adult brain) in the hippocampus. After this, I worked as a clinical researcher at the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group, where I facilitated clinical trials for adults and children with epilepsy and set up projects to understand the mechanisms involved in brain tumor-related epilepsy. I have advocated for increased funding for neuroscience research in Washington, D.C., and am involved in epilepsy-related projects in my home-country of India.

I currently work as a healthcare consultant. In my non-science time, I am a professional dancer and an avid swimmer and embroiderer. Visit me at