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Lamictal to Lamotrigine

I'm on Lamictal but due to my insurance changing,I won't be able to afford it anymore.I was told that Lamotrigine which is the generic of it is cheaper.I have been seizure free for over 2 years due to the combination of it,Levetiracetam & Zonisamide.I'm afraid of that I'll start having seizures again if I switch from brand to generic.If there's anybody who can help me with this problem,let me know



I want you to know that I've had E. for many yrs. now, and I've had many docs. throughout theses yrs. Every new doc I had always prefered me to be on name brand only. Then about 3yrs. ago I my insurance started giving me the same probems with the same med as yours. So I had to start taking the generic brand. Once I did this my sex drive practically vanished. I knew it had to be because of the switch, between the two diff. brands, but my docs. denied it. learned over the yrs. that we have to do most of our own research on the diff types of meds. because what the docs. believe, and what could be the actual truth, have two diff. meanings. Especially since all of our body chemicals are diff. which comes down to the fact that what works for others, may not work for you. Sorry I kind of went off track there, I just want you to know that the docs are more then likely going to say that they are still one in the same. When in reality there is a 30 or 40% diff. if I was you I wouldn't worry about them maybe causing you to have seizures, again. Now the side effect possiblility is a total diff. situation.

I can see your issue when you know nothing about the drug company that makes it. I also know that you are already taking a geeric form of Keppra.

I have a great neurologist and he knows what happens with people who have issues like your. Now his assistant is another issue but she is good at what she does. With her it is name brand only. No if's ands or buts about it. I was put on keppra and it was working great for me. I had a $50.00 co pay for my drugs. Which was great for a few years until the company I was working for changed the carrier and they also changed to a deductable. I went to pick up my keppra and instead of $50.00 the price was $985.00 a month. Well I sure didn't like that change but there was no generic and it was doing wonders with my seizures. We figured a way to cut costs and keep me on keppra. When I found out they had a generic I went in and talked to him an asked about the generic. He was wanting more information about the generic and asked me if I would use a drug study diary and note anything different. I said I would so he wrote the perscription and 3 months later I saw him and handed him the diary. I had a few things I wrote in the diary and he asked a few questions all the answers were basically no  difference noticed. the number of seizures was the same the length of time in the seizures was the same and the focus time (getting back to normal) was the same. With that information he has put other patients he sees on the generic. 

Before you think it is all bad medicine understand that what one person takes may not work on another. What I take is helping me but I also know that what I take might hurt someone else. Medications are like seizures. Each  seizure is different with each person and the medications are the same way.

I hope you get your medications working good and your seizures under control



You can request an appeal for" brand name due to medically nesisary".  The words in astric needs to be placed on presciption.   You would also have them state that a "lower cost" is requested.  I took me two processes to get this done with my insurance company, but it can be done.  Not everone has problems changing to generics but others are.  

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