• Heart of Summer 2015 Annual Drive

    Your Support this Summer Can Make A Difference

    Help Eva—and the millions like her living with epilepsy today!  

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  • REN Registry is Open

    Enroll in the REN Now

    Registry collects information about people with rare epilepsy to help research

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  • Lemonade for Livy

    Set Up Your Lemonade Stand Anytime This Summer

    Your Lemonade Stand Can Make a Difference in the Lives of People with Seizures

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  • Medical Marijuana

    Does cannabis help seizures?

    Get the latest information, including new videos.

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  • Talk About It for Epilepsy! Netathon Presented by Sunovion

    Thank you!

    A star-studded event devoted to creating awareness and raising funds to support the Foundation’s mission

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  • Find Your Local Epilepsy Foundation

    Community Services and Support

    Our Network of Local Affiliates Are Ready to Serve You

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