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Cycling of simple and complex seizures in men

My son's seizures seem to have a cycling pattern and I was wondering if this is common with simple and complex seizures. Seems like about every 11-13 days he has anxiety and then he'll have his sp and cp seizures for three days, then they stop, and then in another 11-13 days the pattern repeats. Anyone else have that?


My seizures also happen in cycles, about every 5-7 days.  For a couple of days prior to a full nocturnal seizure, I am wakened by small brief bouts of "activity" that resemble a portion of a full motor seizure.  I am told that the main seizure I have is a nocturnal complex partial motor seizure based on description; I am still waiting for a video EEG so we can find out for sure what the seizure type is.

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