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Conscious during seizures

i was wondering if anyone else remains conscious whilst their whole body is thrown into a seizure.

doctors when i was younger thought i was doing it for attention and ive been in casualty fitting for 2 hours constantly with doctors refusing to give me anything as apparently "this is not a fit" they said. finally it was captured on EEG and its been accepted im just weird!

i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and how its affected them - for me i stopped taking my medication didnt believe i had epilepsy and my fits changed from temporal lobe to multi foci (im on medication now not that its doing any good)


Hi Kirsty T

When I have a full blown seizure (grand mal) I am fully aware during the seizure that I am having one. Weird as that may sound, but it is true. And when I was a child, when all this started at the age of 10 for me,doctors didn't know what to think.

During my seizure, I always felt like I was in another world, like outer body experience or something. I could not see anything or feel anything physically,but my mind was still in tact. I was aware of having my seizure and not knowing how long I had been seizing. There is no concept of time anymore. And I dont know if I'm going to be okay or not. I can only assume I will be like every other time I have had a seizure. What I was doing before the seizure, memory fades and I am all confused. But I am well aware that I am having a seizure. I am always scared throughout a seizure, not knowing what will come of me, am I ok or not?

When seizure stops, I'm confused and mobility is very little if anything. More like paralised for a while. I will cry or sleep afterwards and be sore all over. Might find injuries from the fall I had.

Wasn't until I had an MRI scan to show my scar in my left temporal lobe, in the language area en all! I didn't start having seizures til I was 10 years old. But seeing as it was in the language area and I never had problems with speech, my neuro has told me that I have had epilepsy since birth practically and have used language in another part of my brain instead. Interesting huh?

So there you have it! I dont fall unconscious when having a seizure. I am aware of it. Just cant control it when it happens. Luckily now though my meds do control most of the time. I mainly have just auras these days. But even those can be upsetting from time to time. But that's life!

So dont worry,

You're not alone :-)


During my seizures, I am usually aware that one is starting because of my aura. Other people's voices seem like in a distance, and whatever I am doing feels like Deja Vu. I have had seizures for 12 years, and can function during because of my habits. When I come out of a seizure, I am usually shocked that I was able to function during the seizures, but I do not remember doing those things afterwards. Live alone w/ a 7 years old and really shocked hours later after a seizure when my brain totally clears up and start rewinding.

If your episode was captured on an EEG and there were no signal changes in your brain waves then it was probably a pseudo-seizure. These can seem just like epileptic seizures but do not cause an electrical disturbance in your brainwaves. They can cause just as many problems though as real ones so you should talk with a psych to work through any problems you are having. A pseudo-seizure is like when your brain is acting out because it can't deal with whatever stress it's under.

It used to happen to me. I asked my doctor at that point can I control my seizures and stop them from becoming a grand mall and he said that is what I am doing. Stopping from becoming a grand mall. He said that I have the mind power to just stop it from happening. It had gotten to that I would not even lay down. I would pass and drive my hart beat down each minute by one or two beats. Sometimes I would just get real pissed and decide it was over. And it was. But, instead of having a seizure that last from 1 to 15 minutes, I would stay in a state of just about to have a grand mall for up to two hours. This is what you are doing.

These are definitely Petit Mals lasting 1-2 minutes, but ongoing disorientation afterwards. In 12 years, I have had several types of seizures which began when I was 35 years old. Epilepsy is active in my family w/ women over 35 years old, only one male reported seizures. My mother died in a seizure, and I even had natural childbirth in an epileptic seizure 8 years ago. I have a VNS Implant (Vagal Nerve Implant) since 2004 which seems to influence the true seizures which rarely happen. However, my current pseudo-seizures are associated w/ Hypogycemia (low sugar episodes) My body seems to demand high protein foods regularly or else a Petit Mal. Like it was reported, sometimes you just sit and wait it out -very frustrating.
For example, my dinner can be quite filling with all the food groups, but if I do not consume enough meats or beans, a seizure can result even if I was not stressed. It seems like the seizures occur during the period when my protein is being processed to glucose to the brain.You seem to know a lot about seizures, have you ever heard this kind of seizure. Mornings are a nightmare because I wake up 6 -7 hours later from bedtime, and I wake up dizzy and unable to communicate until drinking juice and waiting 15 mins. for carbs to reach blood-stream to the brain.

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