cell phones and seizures ... is there a link?

I had another seizure while I was on my cell phone the other day.  I was out for my bday dinner and I answered the phone and had my aura of flashy lights and had to quickly get off the phone and somewhere safe.... I usually have ten seconds before it turns into a grand mal.  This was I guess just a simple partial that lasted a minute but my brain is killing me today.

I don't have seizures regularly... but the last three I've had have all started while I was on my cell phone!

Is this a possible trigger? like the frequency combined with the other factors in my life at the time (i was extra stressed and just wrote an exam earlier that day.  but the other times on the phone i was over tired or switching meds.  But the phone was a common factor in all cases.


any thoughts?


Re: cell phones and seizures ... is there a link?

My seizures sometimes seem triggered by sounds. Perhaps it is your ringtone. Try a new one and see if you find a difference.

Good luck with your treatment.

Re: cell phones and seizures ... is there a link?

You are right ,I have a daughter that screams or when kids are around you screaming or drive you nuts and I have an episode or when someone makes me mad or being sad ***

Re: cell phones and seizures ... is there a link?

Funny you should bring that up.I am an adult who was diagnosed with e at 43.It came on me from out of nowhere.No record of any e in my family except for 1 aunt with nocturnal seizures every now and again but have been under control for years with meds.I have had some strange occurences wherein my cell phones cut off by themselves.People try to call me get slightly as my phone is supplied by my employer.I tried switching phones and the same thing occured.I've also felt auras when talking on them.  In short I think this could be related to the electrical misfirings in my brain affecting the phones.My seizures are temporal lobe seizures and come from around my left ear which happens to be the ear I favor when on the phone.

In Christ alone shall I glory.

Re: cell phones and seizures ... is there a link?

Hi! Like you I am also aware and had experience seizures while in use of mobile phones. When I started to use these gadgets I am having an aura and a feeling of woozy until I collapsed and when I woke up I am on my bedroom looking at my moms worried face. Since then, I tried to minimize the usage of my mobile phones and of course with the help of continuous medication I now have once a month seizure attack or lucky to end the month without suffering from seizures. For further info, based on my readings online that there is no solid evidence that mobile phones are a trigger of seizures. But then, those with worries about the potential of cell phones to cause seizures can always limit their use of a mobile phone or consult their doctors or physicians. Joe Zanotti

Re: cell phones and seizures ... is there a link?

According to recent research reported this week in the New York Times, cell phones are not dangerous to your health. But the atttributes of cell phones could certainly trigger a seizure. 

Some suggestions: if you are Photosensitive, put the phone on vibrate. If you suffer from Musicogenic Epilepsy, as petty2 suggested, change your ringtone, or again, put it on vibrate. 

A Bluetooth may or may not help. (I can just picture someone getting zapped while experimenting with one.)

I'd stick to "vibrate" and charge my cell phone regularly. (The vibration mode eats power!)

Phylis Feiner Johnson


Re: cell phones and seizures ... is there a link?

There could be a possible link as when you pick up your phone it would be black before you pressed the button to answer the call as flashy lights are a trigger for seizures I can't say it's happened to me but everyones seizures are different hope you know what the cause is being nearly a year now!!!

Re: cell phones and seizures ... is there a link?

I do think its the cell phone .I use it nonstop and I noticed when you sleep and theres noise messes you up .You should sleep and relax your mind and I noticed when I answer the phone when I wake up I get dizzy and go back to sleep .I drinking 2000 of keppra and 400 lamictal & still have episodes.I noticed when it comes I feel that feeling as of when you go on the elevator ,you feel that pressure then I start clicking and breathe heavy after it. I also think its from stress or depression. I wish I can get rid of them .Hopefully just keep praying to God that he will help you and all of us from this !