Aura (Seizure) that starts with a Rotten Egg Smell

Since being diagnosed with epilepsy 3 months ago and reading these posts and participating in the chat rooms I have learned so much. For instance. The world does not periodically just smell like rotten eggs out of the blue to me and to me alone for no reason. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that I was the only one smelling it because it wasn’t until recently that I started asking other people if they smelled it too. I was just so accustomed to smelling it that I assumed everyone else was too. A few weeks ago it was so bad I asked a co-worker over to my cubicle and asked her to take a whiff to see if she could smell it too. All she could smell was my after shave which she said smelled nice. Once I started paying attention to the fact that I was the only one that smelled the rotten eggs I also paid attention to the metallic taste that I had in my mouth and the fact that my stomach felt tight like it was cramping. I also noticed that I would get light headed and spacey followed by a slight headache and fatigue. The worse the smell and the longer it lasted (especially in heat) the worse the symptoms. It also seems to get worse when I make quick movements or get stressed or irritated of confused.

Look how much you learn when you pay attention and don’t just ignore things cause they have happened for so long. I’ve noticed that

I am on 300 mg of Topamax right now. I see an Epileptologist tomorrow and hopefully he can give me something to help me with the rotten egg smell which leads to fatigue which leads to me sleeping my life away whether I’m actually asleep or not.


intensifications and smell

In addition to a  non exitent smell can an aura be characterized by "intensification"--ie objects around you seem closer tha  they are, like if you are 10 feet away from a dresser ordinarily you dont see the knots in the knotty pine but in aura you do

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 some auras start like that mine start with flashing lights.

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You are having auras and it's common to have an "off" smell during one.  I get a nauseated when I start an aura.  I don't get the metallic taste but others do.  Your auras may be progressing into complex partial seizures which would explain the the light headed feeling and the fatigue.

If you are able to tell someone to watch you as you start the aura, they may be able to give you more information on what you do/don't do.  That would help to know what you are doing.  



Re: Aura (Seizure) that starts with a Rotten Egg Smell

When I have an aura, it smells like there's a gas leak in the house, so bad that I called the fire department about a month ago. I also feel dizzy as if I've been spinning around in circles enough to make myself feel dizzy and eventually come out of it. If I'm laying down at the time, it feels as if someone is pushing on my chest so I can't sit up. Sometimes after that, the the aura goes away, and other times I wind up having a full blown Gran Mal seizure.

Re: Aura (Seizure) that starts with a Rotten Egg Smell

I assume the rotten egg smell is just part of your aura, since with simple partials olfactory hallucinations are fairly (I don't know what percentage) common. I've had one (11 years ago) with some very strong and unpleasant smells. (again the literature that I've looked at indicates that the smell is often unpleasant which is interesting.)

Most sites also indicate that response to flashing lights (or a least a seizure) is quite rare amongst seizure prone people. Why then do they use the strobe when testing during an EEG?--perhaps some sort of change occurs that the epileptic isn't aware of but which shows up on the screen.

Good luck with the Topamax