Petit Mal?

When I was about 3 I would have spells where one side of my body would relax. I would fall while standing and one side would be unresponsive. Like a stroke. At the time I was diagnosed with migraines and put on medication and it reduced the frequency and with age it went away. When I was about 17 I started blacking out for a few seconds to a few minutes at a time. Wrecked my car and eventually found my way to a neurologist and was put on meds and diagnosed with petit mal seizures. I eventually was young and mad about not being able to drive anymore and quit the meds because they made me feel retarded. Even simple math would confuse me and I could realize I felt dumb but couldnt figure things out. I addressed the neurologist and he got irate with me and I walked out and never went back. That was almost 10 years ago now. Luckily they went away again for the most part.

I found with time that stress triggers these little blackouts. But while descriptions of petit mal match some of the ones I have. I have also found that I sometimes black out for several minutes and keep doing whatever I was doing. I keep doing things...walking. Somewhat babbling incoherently according to others. I only know this because I wake up or whatever you would call it in different places or rooms. Or remember what time it was and notice the difference. I think I have them more frequently than I realize though because I dont remember anything. Lately they have been daily. Extremely stressed about some things that are going on. I cant go to a doctor because of the job I have. At least not yet. In a few months it would be easy to go. I know its bad but it is something I have always just dealt with. I stay away from stressful situations and I know when I start to black out or lose time that its time to change environments.

 To the question. I am concerned that this doesnt match anything I have read about petit mal. At least not when I continue walking and doing simple robotic things that I was doing. Does anyone else have an insight to this or experience things similar to this where you are not there but your body continues operating? Even talking though I am told the words come out and make some sense but seem slurred and somewhat simple. Like yes or no type of things. I doubt I realize what im saying or answer anything correctly though. I think its just more of my brain thinks I should respond.



Re: Petit Mal?

I have similar condition, diagnosed Petit mal by Paed.Neurologist about six years back had once only a suspected generlized convulsive episode of a very short duration and am on Lamictal since last three years.I still pass through absent seizures of very short duration(2-3 seconds) once  or twice weekly but am able to connect in between events most of the time.

Looking for better advice.