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Convulsive Syncope or Epilepsy?

Tue, 06/04/2019 - 00:01
I know I probably don't belong in this forum, but I'm honestly not sure who else to talk to about this issue at this point. My neurologist is not very helpful, she has a hard time wanting to diagnose these episodes I have where I lose conciousness, and she has refused to order a nerve conduction with EMG. I have been having these "faints" since I was around 8 and now I am turning 23 soon and no test has shown anything abnormal, all of my test come back squeaky clean. I have been learning more recently about what actually happens during these episodes since I live with my boyfriend and he sadly has to witness this happening. The last episode I had (I have at least 1 a year) I apparently starting staring, my eyes got really wide and I was unresponsive, then my eyes started to roll back in my head and my jaw started shaking, then my head went limp and so did the rest of my body. I was sitting during that one, but usually I am standing when it happens. The first time I had ever heard about shaking during an episode was when I was in the restroom at a restaurant, I was washing my hands and then I woke up on the bathroom floor with my waitress holding me on the ground. I quickly realized what had happened, apologized and said that no one needed to call an ambulance and that I'd be fine. She then explained that I was standing there in front of the mirror, started shaking, and then hit the ground. I was starting to feel the lump forming on the back of my head, but kept telling myself I'd be fine. Every time I've nearly lost consciousness I typically have prodromal symptoms (sweaty, nauseous, lightheaded, tinnitus) but during those times it happened more rapidly so that I couldnt save myself. I'm now taking gabapentin, not for seizures, but for nerve pain and I think it might be helping, although I'm not sure if my dose is correct or not. I'm just wondering if this sounds more like syncope or seizures? I'm confused, especially with the new development of the eye rolling. I dont bite my tongue or wet myself, just tend to fall the the ground and not remember what happened. Thanks for reading and any help is greatly appreciated. This is such a confusing matter for me.


Hi Chipmonkie, Thank you for

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 2019-06-04 - 10:05
Hi Chipmonkie, Thank you for sharing your experience. It is unclear if you had a seizure or not, so you will need to follow-up with your healthcare providers to discuss these episodes further.              For additional information on epilepsy and seizures please visit, understand this can feel confusing and frustrating, especially if you’re feeling like your doctor is not listening to your concerns. For help finding a doctor specializing in epilepsy please visit, ,or by visiting the National Association of Epilepsy Centers at,  & you have additional questions, please email [email protected] , or call our 24/7 Helpline at 800-332-1000,, where a trained information specialist can assist in connecting you to resources and provide referrals.

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