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Have left temporal lobe epilepsy myself, and number one common symptom I have is slurred speech. I went through what's called a presurgical EEG and the results showed that my seizure focus is in my left temporal lobe right beside the speech area of my brain. The primary location of where a person's seizure activity starts is called the "seizure focus" or "seizure spot". The doctor in charge of my presurgical EEG made the decision that it was too risky to remove my seizure spot because I may permanently lose my ability to speak.

To find the answers to your question, you have to take some time to do some online searching. Here's a link to what showed up in the results from doing a Google advanced search...

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Re: Symptoms of left temporal lobe epilepsy only

Left also. I have awesome deja vu and jamusvu....Scary stuff. When it happens I fear the worst is about to happen. As if the sense is a sign of doom.

I stare and lose eye hand coordination. I forget how to spell simple words like The or rest...It's almost silly.

I lose touch with my keyboard and have difficulty depressing and making capital letters. Mainly I (i). I'm right handed. Short term memory is very bad and as a result of all this, plus other reasons unknown to me, I get depressed. Sometimes angry and just out of sorts.

My speech is sometimes messed up and people tell me how "out of it" I act. Not for long though. Then I am bone tired.

Does anyone have them in their sleep? I think I do. Feel like I ran a marathon or beat up. Stiff neck. Back pain. I have biten my tongue and cheek. Sometimes blood on the pillow.

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I've left temporal seizures also. My speech isn't slurred nearly so often as I find myself stuttering. Some days, I just can't get my words out, and I'm not sure if it's because I'm stuck on that vowel or consonant sound, or if I've forgotten what word I was going to say, and I believe I'll somehow manage to get it out by repeating that first morpheme over and over again. Sometimes, I'm stuck on a consonant completely un-related to the word I wish to use ("s-s-s-paper" isn't nearly as amusing coming out as one might think). When I'm stuttering around looking for that word, I know the concept I wish to express, I just can't think of how to translate my thoughts into a shared language. My short-term memory is shot, so I've taken to writing myself notes, carrying a calendar, and taking pictures of "memories" I don't remember unless I photograph. I've only had emotional outbursts when on Keppra - largely due to Keppra's effect on my memory. 


I'd had grand mals in my sleep for about a month prior to my being diagnosed with "epilepsy" in summer 2008. It's the same feeling: like you'd been run over by a mac truck. Perhaps your anti-convulsant medication is not at a level conducive to your needs?

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Disorganised information retreval/language, e.g. getting words mixed up, having a word on the 'tip of your tounge', seeing something and knowing that you KNOW what it is, but not being able to actually think of the name of the item/object. Although this depends on if you are left hemisphere dominate for language, if so - then that can generally can be an issue.

Mood mood mood! This is a BIG problem for me, my mood is and can be very unstable. I can be normal one day, and very very miserable the next for no good reason.

Short term memory (not sure if this is a dedicated left temporal lobe area). My short term memory blows!

Sensory processing can generally be a bit screwy. I have this during complex partials. I know whats going on around me, and see and hear everything - but I dont react to things properly, so - its like the information gets all jumbeled.

I think they are the most 'typical' issues that can be seen with temporal lobe epilepsy, on the left. I am mainly on the left, but also on the right.

When it comes to the actual siezures themselves - I think it really does vary from one person to another.


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My biggest issue is my short term memory and having the ability to process what is being said to me. If I am receiving instructions or directions, I am totally lost. It is embarrassing. I am currently working as an RN but feel like I may need to retire due to my worsening condition. I take 300mg dilantin a day but I still get  that "foggy" feeling and tire easily.

Re: Symptoms of left temporal lobe epilepsy only

Has anyone found that stress or being put on the spot makes the word jumbling or slurring worse? I've started to notice this more and more with myself.