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We survived... seizure free for 4 years

Hi All,

I thought I would share Our story since when we were in the thick of it I wanted to see hopeful stories about kids getting better.

When our son was 2 1/2 he had a drop siezure. soon he escelated to full on doose/mae type szrs. he wore a helmet for months to protect his face and head. After multiple meds and the terrible side effects we got some control. finally with diet adjustment and maxing out his keppra dose we were able to control his szrs. he is having his 9th birthday szr free for 4 years. My heart aches for parents in the midst of these aweful days of anxiety and pain.

it was so hard to see past the frustrations during that time, as we did not know how our son would be able to grow and flourish. We look back now and can't believe we made it. As a parent who cared for a child with szrs, we have a unique challenge that only other parents like us can understand.

please keep up hope, i hope you all can share your success here. this forum kept me sane

Thank you.


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