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Seizures with psychic symptoms? Please help!!!!

Hi everyone! I am a 30 y/o woman who has been experiencing "episodes" for 13-14 years. I had two this week, which were severe enough to scare me. I just finally went to see my doc today, who feels they could very well be seizures and is sending me to a neuro for evaluation. She is sending me for an MRI and EEG so that I can go to the neuro with them in hand...

These episodes generally happen randomly, but I've noticed that some pop up right when I'm drifting off to sleep. Why I've never thought there is something physically wrong with me until now, is beyond me. They start with a feeling of dread that something bad is going to happen, and I feel this throughout my entire body. Then, I enter a state of what I can only describe as being between dreaming and being awake. I'm conscious, but I feel entranced. It is during this state that I experience intense feelings of deja vu, dread, fear and I feel like I'm having premonitions of the future (I swear, I'm not crazy). Afterwards, my head tingles all over, I feel disoriented and confused, I begin sweating all over and I feel as though someone has stuffed my head full of cotton. At this point, the episode ends, but I'm left with the cotton brain feeling for several hours and I feel as though I've run a marathon and all I want to do is sleep.

I used to tell my mom when I was younger that I was experiencing these symptoms and she told me that I was having premonitions. LOL. Maybe that's why I never bothered to talk to a doc about it? However, the episodes I had this past Tuesday and Wednesday were so intense, my husband swore I was having seizures. He ran over to me and said that I looked like I wasn't there, that I was staring off into space and then I had this look of intense fear on my face. He also said that he doesn't know why he didn't think of this before, as he's watched me have dozens of them...

Is there anyone here that has experienced a similar thing???? I'm terrified.

Thanks so much in advance for you replies!



Hello there ,

 I am actually only 15 years of age experiencing nearly the samething. I dream of what may happen in the next couple of days, weeks, and when it happens in reality, its like a shock goes through my body, i then begin to feel very heavy and cant hold my weight, so i fall. I enter that state of being between dreaming and being awake also, but i begin to be very very nauseous, and i mean severely. But also, in my dream, it could be the smallest thing such as talking to my mom, but there could also be other people there in my dream, that wont be there in reality when the 'seizure' hits me, but when it does hit me, i am able to hear those people's voices from my dream and what was said, after a few minutes the 'seizure' comes to an end, but i am then very exhausted afterwards.   My mom and friends that have witnessed, have also mentioned that i try talking while im 'seizuring', but i dont recall trying to talk? also, symptoms or, well im not to sure what to call them, but 'things' that start up these 'seizures', have now become a few different things, it used to just be deja vu, but now its becoming sounds, smells, and now memorys. I will think back into a memory from lets say, a few years back, and it again, will hit me and ill begin to 'seizure'. I have gone for an MRI in February, but it came back as normal, this morning, I have gone for the EEG, but now must wait 2 weeks for results.


- Ashley

I just joined about 15 minutes ago and read your story. I too get that tingly sensation, mine radiates from the back of my head and shoots almost all the way to my forehead and that's how I know I'm going to have a seizure. I've had seizures that only seem to happen in certain areas of my body, but mostly, my whole body seizes and convulses. I have had my seizures for about 8 years, well, that's when I began to realize what they were. I feel your fear and anxiety about this issue and it really hits home with me. I had one person tell me to accept those moments that feel like premonitions as "moments of clarity." I would rather just... not have these episodes. You are not alone, I know that fear you feel very well.

I'm pretty sure I know generally that of which you speak.

I was diagnosed full-on tonic-clonic ("grand mal") about nearly two years ago now.

at times I have feelings maybe similar to what you're toning about, without going full tonic-clonic.

frankly, im beginning to wonder if being "psychic" isn't a form of epilepsy, and vice versa.

it's my understanding a tonic-clonic seizure is like ones own brain giving itself electroshock.

when electroshock is administered, an electron is surfed it's way into your brain via technological devices, and hits a spot, to control aspects of the brain function

when the brain does it to itself, the same process takes place, but sometimes I have the feeling like it's an aspect of my brain changing some aspect of the world, or the universe
I have been recovering the past couple days from a major tonic-clonic event, and in the "hangover" phase of these I can't help but shake the feeling that something "changed" (remember in The Matrix when "Neo" saw the cat twice "oh huh Deja vu..."")

one thing that is irrefutable- electrical circuits have to come to some sort of resolution
entropy laws don't support a build-up of electromagnetic potential differentiation between media (between bimetals ala alkaline battery, betw saline media (body/air)...
it simply does not happen according to Newton's laws

something HAS to have changed on the electromagnetic level

the medical community has clearly measured these electromagnetic charges during seizures- that's what MRIs -do-: the magnetic properties of materials change when put under electric charge- as a matter of fact I'm pretty sure that's what welding is

yea this epilepsy s**t is weird- I try to temper the fact that, for example, I remember about 15-20 seconds of this past Friday, but I know it involved 911 and being at the hospital until about 2am Saturday, temper it with the fact that I electroshocked the universe into change.

there's an ion floating around out there somewhere that I made, which is affecting the universe at this moment
that is fact as far as my understanding of the laws of thermodynamics go

either that or I'm "out there" somewhere myself still a bit post-ictal

but it's perhaps more of the prior than science may want to admit, erstwhile I'm more than willing to cop to the latter- which might make it less true on that basis entirely

ok- hang in there!

Hello Kat,

I was extremely interested to read of your experience.  Also interested to read of the comments posted by others.

 I have suffered this precise experience since my early 20's. About 6-10 days a year I might experience 10 or so of these partial seizures a day. Only today, aged 45, did I discover that what seems like plenty of others have had the same experiences. Mine tend to go like...

 - usually on days when I am tired / anxious

 - always seemingly triggered by a faint memory that I have heard what someone is about to say before.

 - a strenghtening feeling of deep, totally convinced deja vu, sometimes accompanied by a small part of me saying 'don't fall into it, you know it's just a brain dysfunction- however hard you try it is impossible NOT to believe that this has happened before.

- varying levels of dread. Sometimes minor, sometimes strong to the point of being almost physical, ie having to right oneself, hold on to something.

- usually some very very minor recurrances the next day, but usually it starts early in the morning and does not continue over into the next day.

- trying to understand it better, I too tried writing down what I was thinking during a 'mad fit' (as I called the feeling before I learned that the correct term is 'partial psychic seizure') - As with the other commentator I just wrote down a load of nonsense

In all I find it extremely comforting to read that this is actaully a recognised medical condition that others have experienced. Perhaps it is because my seizures are relatively minor (compared with what others have written about here) I just don't let it bother me. For a living I train people, if it so happens that I know I am having 'mad fits' that day I just either wing it (It is possible) or I excuse myself from the room for the two or three minutes that this takes.

The other thing I would say is that same of the comments on this blog look quite complicated and as if (in my subjective opinion) other neurological problems are being experienced simultaneously. Also some people are more self-exploratory than others. And as for, visionaries, seeing into the future etc, that sounds like they've OD'd once to often on LSD. If it's not bothering you TOO much, just don't worry.

Anyway nice to hear your story - next time it happens to me I will no be going'AAArgh am I a loony, Am I the only person this has happened to - No I won't, I will be thinking UH comes a partial physic seizure, I wonder if Kat's OK today.....

Stephen, London, UK


I can't begin to tell you how much of a relief it is to find AT LEAST ONE person who experiences the same symptoms as I do.

I have been deperately searching for information most of the night about these so called "psychic seizures." I have been suffering from almost the EXACT same symptoms as you for about 7-8 years. I am now 25, married for five months, and eager to start a family.

My employer just today found out about these seizures, or spells, or whatever you'd call them, and decided that until they get proper documentation stating that i'm safe for work, I have to stay home. So i'm seeing my neurologist for the 3rd time tomorrow, hoping to get this stuff straightened out.

there are SO many details i can share with you about my experiences. but to make a long story short, i have noticed possible triggers to these spells. Excessive sugar intake has definately seemed to be a trend (i've been using my epilepsy diary on this website faithfully) when i do eat right and take care of myself, i am practically seizure free, with occaisonally "liveable" spells that don't disrupt my daily life. i have decided to wean off my medication (lamictal 100 mg daily) and have been off for about a week. i did have two spells right before i was done with my last dose. but none since. i have been unusually lethargic and moody though.

 i know it's important to take care of myself first and foremost, but with reading all these articles about possible risks in pregnancy, i felt i had no choice but to get off this medicine. my doctor did say since it was a low dose, it should be okay. i know that i can function normally, but there are times when i just can't take these spells, plus they make me so tired i don't want to do ANYTHING but sleep.

but thanks for sharing your experiences, i know they are so unbelievably frusterating and hard to explain to loved ones. but if anything you have given me a little piece of mind knowing that im not crazy!


here's a link i found interesting...

Hello there.

I am experiencing nearly the samething, and I am 15 years of age. Before, it was only once in a few months kind of thing, but it began to become more recent, and now I am fighting it multiple times a day. What I have figured out is that I will dream when I sleep, but I dream of the upcoming 'future', approximatly a week or so, and once It happens and I see it again in reality (deja vu), my mind goes back to 'dream mode' such as a blurred vision almost, feeling like im not really there, severe nausea, I lose balance and head straight to the ground, very light headed, but also, there may be people there in my dream, but those people that were.. arent there in reality like when it hits me, but as im 'seizuring', I can hear the voices and things that were said in my dream. This only goes on for about a minute or so, then once it passes, I am very very exhausted. And as I said, I am now fighting it multiple times a day. I have already seen my neurologist, already had my MRI scan, they said it showed no abnormalities or anything, so I am now waiting for my EEG to come along in March.

- Ashley

Hey Ashley. 

I enjoyed reading your response.    It is always so hard to describe an aura to someone that has never had one.  My husband tells me that i could make a pretty cool sci fi movie based on my description of my partial seizures

I am 33 and have been having seizures since I was very young.  Probably 5.  I told several drs about it when I was young, but they just slapped me on the back and said, "that is really strange" as they walked out the door.  Until I was 12, I thought I was reincarrnated.  Everytime I would go into a transe I was experiencing something that I had done, seen, heard in my previous life.

As I got older I noticed that they came in spurts...  Several a day a for a few consecutive days.  I know now that those were hormone induced seizures. Catamenial epilepsy.

I was not diagnosed w/ epilepsy until I was 21 years old.  I had a grand mal seizures a few days after the twins were born.  Naturally everyone freaked out!!  I was taking to to ER and 35 minutes after I had a g.m. seizure there was no indication that I had ever had a seizure at all according to their tests.

What alarmed me about your post is that you said they only go on for like a minute.  When I have a complex partail seizure it starts and feels like any other aura.  If there are not people around me, I think 15 seconds have passed.  I have no idea that I have been unconcious for 8 minutes.  I have no idea when my auras will progress to a complex partial or even worse.  After an aura I go about my day, but when the aura has progressed further=> I come out of the transe feeling exhausted, mentally and psyically.

 I wish you all the best.  Good luck and be careful!!!

I had partial complex seizures only while sleeping which is now controlled by medicine. But, for about ten years now I have been having a similar funny feeling. It started out as a de ja vous feeling but it has turned into this:

-A feeling that I know it is about to happen (very ominous)
-All of the noises begin to blur together in a very familiar tune (I wouldn't know how to describe it) Sometimes I can even make it happen from the same song a few nights in a row.
-I have a limited ability to continue what I am doing
-Lasts about 15 seconds
-I have trouble stringing together responses to people I am talking to
-Sometimes I think during it: This IS a seizure
-A thought I have that people are talking about me, saying that I'm doing something funny, or as if I'm being judged (even if no one is around)

I used to try to convince myself that it wasn't a seizure, I mean, my seizures were controlled by medicine, right? But a few months ago my mom was talking to me in the middle of one and said it definitely was a seizure. This was very upsetting because I've had one in front of people before, including her, who didn't even notice.

It's very scary. Why isn't my medicine controlling it?

I have noticed it comes in spurts like yours does. It will happen once a day a few days in a row, just about every month. [I think] It will also happen if I eat too much sugar or drink to much caffeine. The two seem to be related, but after reading your comment about the hormones, that makes sense too.

The part about them that scares me the most is that I feel like people are talking about me. It doesn't make any sense to me why a seizure or aura would ever make me think that.

It's nice to hear someone is going through a similar thing! It makes me feel a lot better.

I also have a question. Last night as I was just falling asleep I had a 30 min. or 45 min. long period of time where every (it seemed like a few seconds) so often I would feel as through my body would tense up, shake a little...and my eyes "shaked" upwards into my head. I knew this was going on, and while it was I would have extreme anxiety. I've had anxiety all my life but this was an even more intense feeling of dred, doom, embarrassment and I was extremely scared. Things would happen like they WERE almost dreams, like hanging out with friends and not being able to talk right. The people who were "around me" thinking I was going crazy, and me kind of having coversations with myself that made so sense? I've never had this before until the past few of nights. I would have short clips of my mom waking up next to me and helping me. My mom never helped though, and she was laying next to me last night so I told myself everything about this was just a real feeling dream. I would think she would have noticed? Maybe the shaking and tensing up is just alot more mild than it feels? The scary thing about it is that my brain does feel all fuzzy, even now a little, and especially after it happeneds. I also have been waking up in gallons of sweat. I'm 22 years old and female. I've also had triple as many panick attacks in the past four days. After sleeping next to my mom I moved to the couch, slept okay, nothing like earlier but i still woke up in alot of sweat. Can anyone help me in finding out what's going on with me, what my next move should be or if this could actually be a dream? I don't have health care at the moment but can try pushing it sooner since I am going back on it in August for school.

Hi Kat..

I've a couple of pages for you:
(with simple partials one remains conscious)
(complex partials incvolve a degree of lost conscioueness)

No need to be terrified as worry is known to bring on seizures. Until you get checked do not drive, don't go without sleep, eat regularly.

Best wishes

you mentioned you have some seizures when popping off to sleep. There are seizures that happen when you go into the REM sleep.
Express in detail this type of seizure, it assists the Neuro. in terms of identifying the focal point.

As was mentioned, plenty of sleep is of the essence.
If I may suggest. It's good to be informed but, one can, "be too informed."
Being, "too informed" brings on added concerns, questions & apprehension hence, each day brings its' own anxieties. Why add to it.
Thus, don't read "too" much on the forums. God gifted us with 2 ears. Let things in one ear, mull around in your head acceptable information you want to investigate. Boot the unwanted info. out the other ear.

Good advice! I will definitely mention the seizures that happen as I'm drifting off to sleep, as these seem to be occurring more and more. In fact, I'm writing everything down as Maryann suggested, to ensure that I don't forget anything.

Sleep is hard for me because I have a two year old daughter who is not a great sleeper and I also have fibromyalgia-pain often keeps me awake. I am on a very small dose of amitriptyline just at night, to help me sleep.

I agree with not reading "too" much on the internet. In fact, what I've read has actually comforted me because I feel like I'm not alone! I am scared, but I feel better knowing what these episodes might be. If these are seizures, I can deal with them...after all "seizure" is just a label for these episodes I've been dealing with for years! I'm more worried about what the MRI and EEG will find, but there is no sense getting worked up over it. Getting worked up over things you cannot change is not productive and it certainly isn't going to help prevent another episode.

Thank you for your wonderful advice. It is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the feedback, Sol. The pages you gave me were very helpful and reassuring.


Kat, Your experience sounds very much like the process I went through before diagnosis. I have complex partial and simple partial seizures. I have a few suggestions for you as you prepare to see the neurologist.....
- make a list of the various types of feelings you have experienced
- ask your husband and/or friends and family if they have ever noticed situations where you did not appear to be in firm contact with reality for a few moments (partial seizures can be so brief that others may only think you weren't paying attention
- prepare a full medical history for yourself back to childhood. Did you have a difficult birth, any major illness, any injuries or falls where head was struck, write all of this down in chronological order and go over it with your list of "deja vu" experiences. Do any match up?
- prepare a list of all meds and allergies including all environmental allergies.

These should be written/typed up so that you can give it to the neurologist on your first visit this will save you much time in the visit and will him to progress to diagnosis and specific questions more quickly.

I hope this helps you. Maryann

Thank you, Maryann! This does help. I will definitely write all this down, especially since it is often hard to verbalize these episodes sometimes.

When you have the simple partials, do you have any of the psychic symptoms? This is scary stuff... I feel so foolish for not having this addressed medically earlier... Now that I've put two and two together and read some experiences others have had, it does sound like I'm having seizures!


Re: I think I'm having nocturnal seizures...plz help
I've been having these night time events since I was in my 20's (and other symptoms during the day. The feeling of leaving my body, tingling, room getting bigger, floor
raising up. At night I would have the tingling disorientation (yes deja vu/end of the world feelings with violent nausia (almost vomiting ) and convulsions. I fell totally disoriented, and I can't remember who I am, where I am. Sometimes as I am about to sleep, I like feel like a electrical shock inside my head (and see the flash with my eyes closed), I had a sleep study done and the episodes were witnessed by the study doctors. My Family doctor told me my episodes were most likely from stress and prescribed Klonopin. It has helped, but I still have episodes. I am always tired, and twitch when I sleep.


16 yrs ago this started with me. Doctor said stress put me on valium. Symptoms wouldn't go away and I knew it was more than stress.  It took them awhile to figure out I had epilepesy and had scar tissur in my brain. I take dilantin and lamital and now only have seizures 2-4 month. Sometimes I take ativan to sleep but only occassionly because it is addicting. If I'm going to have a seizure I might know before. A vns is implanted in my chest and with the magnet is has helped. I know the feeling about the twitch.It's annoying. Try a different neurologist maybe. It can't hurt to get another opinion. 


This is harder on my family. They worry alot about me. My life has changed but I'm not going to let this condition control my life.  

Good luck

Hi Maryann.

Wow... I read your post and thought 'Déjà vu ' !!!!!!!!

I am sure we have met someplace before .....You are saying what for years I and others have been saying like a mantra! Its always best to make a note of anything that seems 'out of the ordinary' seizure wise. As in ALWAYS... It sure saves time during the visit as you observed. After all being upfront and honest with the neuro during the visit sure helps in the communication progress, and helps the relationship.... What is the point in hiding a change in fluctuating seizure patterns, or what you consider to be something you think the neuro will think is 'freaky?'...

Old Timer.... You also raised a really as in really good point there is some really bad research out there written in forums that does more harm than good when reading up on seizures.... Especially when people have trouble sleeping, hormonal changes, or changes in seizure patterns... There was a few years ago anyway in the forums I used to participate in as an ' old timer'.... The prescribed 'cure' then seemed to be watching your ' tea, or coffee' intake... Thankfully those couple of forums have long gone ... Or had last time I looked which was a couple of years ago....

Kat-from one Cat to another ...... Please never feel you are alone. There is always someone who will provide a listening ear. At least in this forum anyway I've found each time I drop by. As solis has said .....No need to be terrified as worry is known to bring on seizures. Until you get checked. ... Do as in DO not drive, don't go without sleep, eat regularly. I agree with that and have some good research material for you.... Also I suggest you read what Lisa has written about her experience of which I am appreciative she has shared with us.

One of the first priorities facing the physician when evaluating a patient with epileptic seizures is to determine seizure type and, when possible, epileptic syndrome. This determination is critical because seizure type and epileptic syndrome to a great extent determine the type of evaluation the patient will receive, as well as the type of therapy.

Generalized seizures are those in which the first clinical changes indicate that both hemispheres are initially involved. Consciousness usually is impaired during generalized seizures, although some seizures, such as the myoclonic type, may be so brief that impairment of consciousness cannot be assessed.

Signs and symptoms depend on the area of the brain in which seizure activity occurs and on the type of seizure. Especially if you are talking Simple Partial Seizures...
Symptoms may be motor, sensory, psychic. Can also include altered states of consciousness.

Seizures can cause involuntary changes in body movement or function, sensation, awareness, or behavior. A seizure can last from a few seconds to status epilepticus, a continuous seizure that will not stop without intervention. Seizure is often associated with a sudden and involuntary contraction of a group of muscles. However, a seizure can also be as subtle as marching numbness of a part of body, a brief loss of memory, sparkling or flashes, sensing an unpleasant odor, a strange epigastric sensation or a sensation of fear. Therefore seizures are typically classified as motor, sensory, autonomic, emotional or cognitive.

In some cases, the full onset of a seizure event is preceded by some of the sensations described above. These sensations can serve as a warning to the sufferer that a full tonic-clonic seizure is about to occur. These "warning sensations" are cumulatively called an aura.

Hang in there, keep us updated. Stay strong positive and upbeat. It helps...


"Many false prophets are gone out into the world." 1 John 4:1

Hi Kat, I am affraid i dont have any answers for you or even any idea myself as to what this is we are experiencing but i do want to share my experience with you and let you take from it what you will.

I am 23 yrs old with a 2yr old daughter and i am 7 weeks pregnant at the moment with my second child. I have also not long since past my driving test so i am very eager to hurry and find out what is happening to me too, not only for my safety but for my familys safety and other road users too.

I have been having what i call 'DEJA VUS' for as long as i can remember, i think it started while i was in middle school or near then. Sometimes i have many in one week, once i even had one after the other, sometimes i can go weeks or months without having any. I have always been concerned as to what it is but have never been serious at finding out UNTILL NOW. I am going to my doctors in the morning.

My deja vus have always happened while i have been awake, however last night i was woken from my sleep having the worst one i have ever experienced. I have'nt had one for quite a few months and so i had put it to the back of my mind. Mostly because my husband always says maybe im just having a deja vu and because i am panicking about it i experience what i do. Now i know that definately cannot be the case so it is time to get to the bottom of it.

I can only really describe my experiences to the best i can so i hope it makes sense.
It starts off as a deja vu, a sense that i have heard what i am hearing before, been where i am and felt how i have felt. I cant describe that part any more than that because as it is happening i am also forgetting it and what ever the deja vu was i can never remember it afterwards. After the deja vu i feel faint, dizzy and confused. I cannot seem to make sense of ANYTHING. My heart is beating furiously and my blood is pumping in my head like it is about to explode. I am not quite sure how long this feeling lasts but it feels like about 10 minutes or so. Afterwards i cannot remember anything about the deja vu other than knowing i had one and the way it made me feel. Also i have a very bad headache that varies with each deja vu but the one i had last night has given me a headache for 24 hrs now. After it happens i feel so drained, i can start a sentance talking to my huband and half way through the sentence i have already forgotten what i was saying, i cannot even string a sentence together. Once i have told my husband i have had one and told him to keep his eye on me ( as i am scared something might happen to me ) i go to sleep, i dont think i could keep myself awake if i tried, it totally drains me. I ended up having 12 hrs sleep last night which is double what i usually have and i have still been very tired all day, with on/off headache.

I am not sure how or even if, my experience will help you in any way but i just want you to know that what ever this is you are not alone and at least if you find out what it is you can deal with it appropriately. I wish you all the best, and i just want to thank you for sharing your experience and helping me have a better understanding of what is happening to me.



I am 19 yrs old. Since this has been happening to me (about 8 years) Ive been looking all over the internet to find someone who has the same thing. Never found anything until now. You explained it exactly how it happens to me. Exactly. Even how it won't happen for weeks, months, days and then out of no where it will start to happen again. I even forget what Im saying. I sometimes throw up from it. Completely blank out. I usually say out loud it feels like Im in dream because I know this place. I just can't believe this happens to you also.



Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me! Our experiences are so similar, it is reassuring to know that I'm not alone.

I'm almost embarrassed that it has taken me so long to address this. Now that I'm realizing that there is something physically wrong with me, I feel so stupid for not having seen it earlier! Because I didn't know what I was experiencing and I thought it was something psychic, I obviously didn't share it with many people.

I told one of my girlfriends last night that I might be having seizures and she was like, "Duh!!!!" LOL. Even she saw it. My hubby is upset that it took him so long to see this, too.

Do you ever get feelings of fear or impending doom? That is the worst part of this for me. I feel like something awful is going to happen-like pure, cold fear going through my entire body. The deja vu part is difficult for me to describe, too, as I forget it as quickly as it happens. Have you ever tried writing what is happening down when you are experiencing the deja vu? I did and it was in poor handwriting and I ended up with a string of unrelated words.

Good luck with your doc appt. tomorrow. Let me know what he/she says.

Congrats on your pregnancy!!! There is some good news even when you're having a tough time!!!!


I have these too, precisely as you have described them - I think some of the comments above are slightly off the mark. I know that string of unrelated word syndrome. The deja vu I get is incredibly strong. Thanks to the listen again facilities on the radio I have occasionally replayed what was on air as I was having a 'mad fit' (as I have called them since I was a boy) - what was on the radio was actually completely new - but It is almost impossible to believe. I'd like to know more about what brings it on. Usually anxiety I think. I've had them since I was a kid - they don't bother me any more - what strange brains we have - all the best.

it's interesting that you mention a psychic connection, I never realy entertained that idea much but on occasion, I have also felt a deja-vu that would last only a second or two, but never around a s.
but then I have them at night while I sleep, and never have any memory of them. but i could just be minding my own business going about my daily routine when FLASH (SNAP)I realize a deja-vu that is quite powerfull, then it is gone, and I think what was that! I think it's a trick out mind plays on our preceptions of our suroundings. and we think we've been here before, but in fact we have not. it's a real time (first time) experience.

Pit Player

Thanks, Pit Player!

I too, think it's a trick our mind plays on our perception of our surroundings. A brain glitch, so to speak. It isn't surprising, when you think about it. The brain is kind of like a motherboard in a computer, so everything may not perform perfectly 100 percent of the time, right? I think of seeing the neuro as seeing a computer tech. LOL. :) It is kind of comforting to finally have a scientific explanation.

I just wish I didn't have such terrible fear when I'm having a seizure. I can't even control it. Whatever is causing the seizure actually causes overwhelming fear on top of the psychic and physical symptoms. That is the worst part.

hello kat;

i know how terrified you feel as im sure we all do.
i have these visions that you talked about some times they continue for days. i have sizures about 8 a year but i do have a feeling of daja vu alot. i have had an experience of being on the other side, seeing and understanding whats going was increadable.
i have read that in some cultures people such as your self are cosiderd blest!
i have gone to get my eeg and seen specialest and all that, ive found they are not of much help. in fact they have made things worst. ive turned to natural cures and im doing better.
thats my view of things eny ways. good luck

Hi Kat,

I'm a 45 year old male who has had some sort of daja vu since about 12 years of age.

Howver before that I could see some peoples aura around their bodies very often. And most often in people that where at their most happiests or may be the goodest of people. Others I could see a dark impresion around their heads usually, not really the body of the person.

However this stopped at about 14- 15 after I was headbutted in the head by a foolish high school teacher one morning. For months after that big head aches started and as they slowy subsided the persons natural aura stopped being able for me to see and daja vu started happening for me.

There experiences were happening from time to time from 12 until the headbuut incedent happened to me. In the 30 years since I sometimes find that I get a arua or daja vu feeling in me and perhaps my body and mind change in some ways. Often depending on whats been happening around me or may be about to happen near me or in my area.

Its not easy to explain and as of my age, I have had neroloigists and Professorts ask me to explain the experience to them which is very difficult to put into words and explain to someone else.

It is often related on the amount of sleep and rest I have had and my own personal physical condition.

However I am not implying that they could not be of some out of body or mind experince.

On about perhaps 10-14 occations things have happened in the news or wearther and I often find that it feels like they can or are related to the present and the physical. Its unique to experience and often when these happen its at times when may be weather conditions are unique.

I live not far from Sydney Australia, and for many, many years found that these perticular feelings and experiences happen at about the August- December time of years, and for quite some years have related it to a weather condition. Although its not always reasonable and true to say is happening.

I'm sure its some sort of brain experience for me and can and does help stress disapper from my life feeling and my body feeling.

Its unique, my brain has some damage on the left hand side called (Atrophy in the medical left temporal lobe with slight increased T2 signal and concomitant slightly diglatation of the temporal horn of the left laterical verdical. The apperiance is consistent with Hippocampal sclerosis).

I'm not sure what it means, but its a problem. I've always considered it and still do to being headbutted by my teacher and have made attemps for reasonable compensation. However in ways its considered a gift to me. I do take anti convulsants and have for 30 year, I now take 7 tablets in the morning and 7 at night. 

On 3 occations I have what I would say are my most unusual experiences and on all 3 have jumped out of bed and in the next days sometime in some way life changing has happened. One an earth quake happened the next day, on one other I was hit by a car, and on the third I have a personal experiece that will remain in confidence.

Howver all in all in my life I have had many many  what dr's consider aura's. 30 years ago I was someone being asked questions by expers who were researching brain medical. Now they conside me no different to any other epipilic. However what ever happnes in these experience I do have some aura sensation and it effects my day and my function, I often find considerable sleep in the only cure and have on occations found myself seeking the company of others before seizure. As I often think I sense the difference in these experiences.

It many ways its a ruin to my life, in others its unique to have as a person and my only cures are brain surgury, which I dont want at my age or into the future.

Best of luch dealing with Doctors. However remeber they are developing medican and not a personally experienced prospective. Your going to have to learn to manage the condition your self, howver I do suggest that if the daja vu experiecne is large and not leaving with good sound sleep. You explain your sleeping problems to her or him and ask for sleeping help.

Which I dont find pleasent to take, I take a sleeping drug called Frizium and I dont enjoy taking it. However its actaually working in my sleep probelems and also control of the aruas. I now describe the feeling as a mental orgasam to them, as it gives them some prospective for them to understand and work from. Howver you or others could find a different way of describing it. Years ago I found a work starting with E in the dictionary that describe it to a T. Howver I have never been able to find the word again.

Relationships are hard as stress can effect my epo probelms and many ppl dont quite understand my personallity and that can often be hurtful. Howver I've found over years I have had not choice but to be strong and carry on. Which is not always easy as I am just a man and like all men am prone to fail when doing my best to try.

Learn to trust your Dr, and learn to understand the need of getting 9-10 hours sleep and also learn to understand that if on medication keep the time zone you take them under a reguar clock and not miss them by hours.

I find beer and other alcholol effect me and I also find drinking coffee are problems for my epo.

Very, very best in the future with learning about the probelm you have and best of luck in controlling it in your life style. Keepworking as long as you can into the future as I also did when I worked find that it helped with having less auras. Why that was so I have no idea.

Kindest of Regards for you in life Kat



Thanks for your reply, Budy!

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get help from your specialist. What did your eeg say, if you don't mind me asking. What kind of natural cures are you using now? I'm always more interested in homeopathic treatments.

I never have considered myself blessed by these "visions" that I have because they're not comforting and they're always accompanied by fear so intense, it often makes me cry. :( Have your psychic experiences been positive?

My boyfriend has similar experiences and I dont know if I should continue the relationship. At times it get so bad that he has to be taken to the hospital for sedation them after a few days, he gets better and comes back home but he doesnt always remember what happens but one thing I have noticed is that during these periods he seems to see into the future. Can you pls help with an advice as to whether to continue the relationship or not. Thank you

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