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Post seizure symptoms normal?

Hi there,

I am new to this forum.

I would be very grateful to hear other people's opinions and experiences as I am not that knowledgeable about epilepsy.
When I was a baby, I suffered a stroke on the front left portion of my brain, which left me with permanent right side paralysis.
It was during high school that I first started to experience seizures and ever since then I've been battling to prevent it from happening it by taking medication ( Tegratol and Clobazam).

I would say my seizures are on the very mild side. During high school it happened once or twice a year for a period of 1-2 mins each. Sometimes I would deal with large headaches afterwards but that's it. After entering university, the occurrences increased to roughly once a month but headaches wouldn't be as severe. I would have the seizure and then 5-10 mins afterwards I would be up and atom.

It's been roughly 3 years since I graduated university and I've been working in the health care industry ever since. Im still on the same meds. The occurrences have drastically reduced. Maybe once a year. I recently had a seizure at work which I am concerned about. Usually I just let the seizure take its natural course and that's it but this time, I was in the presence of colleagues so I tried everything to stop it from going onto being a full blown seizure where I go unconscious. I stepped outside the room and while I was trying to walk back to my desk, the seizure stopped.
I thought that's the end and I could go on with my day. That was Thursday and its Sunday today. I've been drowsy, feel like lack of energy, dizzy, ,don't feel like doing anything pretty much...just feel like sitting down and closing my eyes and relaxing. Turning on tv or listening to music makes me very tired.

Is this post seizure behavior normal? This is the first real time I tried to "force" my seizure to subside so I don't really know what the consequences are.

Any comments would be great!

Thank you

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